Well Known Cerulean Resident Passes
Mrs Mary Gardner Dies and Fitting Tribute Written By Friend
"Leaves have their time to wither and fall -- and flowers to wither, At the north winds breath --- And stars to set --- but all, Thou hast all season for thine, O Death," said, Felicia Hemens about the time the foreparents of Cerulean were struggling through the passes of the Blue Ridge and Cumberland Mountains from Virginia and the Carolinas into Kentucky and Tennessee.

Death has all seasons and sometime the swinging blade brings down more than one mortal. In the case of our two honored citizens both were sheaves fully ripe for the harvest and have passed on, we trust, to be garnered in the great store house above.

Mrs Mary Gardner who was deceased earlier in the week, had lived out the Scriptural allotment of years, most of them on ancestral acres -- at Cerulean. The scribe does not have accurate data but from all available sources of information it is learned her parents owned the place now owned by the Thomas Bakers -- and here she passed her youthful years.
Since then she has lived always in and near the vicinity of Cerulean, and at her death had numerous holdings here. Most interesting, perhaps of these to the public is the old Cerulean Springs Hotel property, which hotel thrived a decade or more ago, but there is still this beautiful site, the romantic old "Park" and the well know "blue spring" one of nine of its kind in the world.

At the time of her death she was residing at the home of the Lewis Turners.

The funeral services were conducted by Rev. D.L. Vance, her pastor at the graveside, where she was laid to rest in the Cerulean Cemetery.
Mrs Gardner, had many friends in both Trigg and Christian, who mourn with her nephew, Dr. Brasley, of Hopkinsville, nearest relative at her passing. So far as the writer is informed there are no others of her family of the name Richardson left in or near Cerulean, though it is a very well known name in other parts of Kentucky.
Cadiz Record Jan 1940

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