James Gale Dead
News was received from last week from Pokesdown Eng. by E.H. Daniel to the effect that James Gale, of that place had died January 11, 1904.
Mr Gale was at one time a citizen of Prince on and was a member of the firm of Gale & Blount, well remembered by Princeton's older citizens.
Mr Gale and Mr Daniels were close friends and after Mr Gale went to England they kept in touch with each other by exchanging newspapers. Mr Daniel on failing to get the paper from Pokesdown, came to the conclusion that something had gone wrong with his old friend and several weeks ago, called H.M. Jones who was also a friend of Mr Gale's at his store and told him that he believed their friend Gale was dead and that he was going to write and find out something about him. Mr Daniel was not mistaken in his belief and he received a letter from the postmaster at Pokesdown giving the above information
Caldwell Co Aug 1904

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