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Monday May 11, 1998
Dawson Springs, Ky. Hattie D. Dyer, 90, Dawson Springs, died at 7:05 p.m. Saturday at the Regional Medial center, Madisonville.
Services will be at 1 p.m. Tuesday at Beshear Funeral Home, with the Rev. Randal Rogers officiating. Burial will be in Rosedale Cemetery, Dawson Springs. Visitatio will be form 5 until 8 tonight and from 11 a.m. until time for the service Tuesday. Among the survivors is a daughter, Shirley Haile, Hopkinsville.


July 1924
Rufus K. Dyer Found Dead At His Home
Lived In Wallonia Precinct And Had Been Dead Several Days When Found
One of Trigg County's Most Splendid Citizens And Member of Prominent Family
Mr. Rufus K. Dyer, one of Trigg county's splendid old citizens, was found dead at his home in Wallonia precinct, near Bethesda Methodist church, eight miles north of Cadiz Tuesday between twelve and one o'clock.
Just when he died is a matter of speculation but the condition of the body showed he had been dead several days and he was alone at the home when the end came.
Mr. Dyer resided at the home where he had lived for a number of years and the daughter and two sons resided with him, although the sons had been away at school during the winter and spring. The sons came home some weeks ago, and they had been with the father until perhaps last Thursday, when the daughter, Miss Mattie, and O. B. Dyer left for Livingston county, where they are teaching in the schools of the county.
We are not advised if the deceased had been seen by any of the neighbors since that time until found dead in the house Tuesday.
The body was found by Jesse Lester and Ovid P'Pool, neighbors, and when found was lying across a chair in the kitchen.
Mr. Dyer was dressed just in his night clothes, and the bed in his room showed clearly that it had been occupied.
Mr. Dyer suffered occasional attack of cramps or acute indigestion and it may be that an attack in the night might have caused his death.
From the appearance of the room, it is thought that he got up from bed and went out through the dining room, which adjoined his room, and into the kitchen, where he was found. Whether he fell across the chair or had kneeled down by it when suffering from one of these attacks is matter of speculation.
Two neighbors were first attracted to the scene by seeing the mules on the farm in the corn. They remembered that Mr. Dyer had not been seen for several days and went over to get the mules out of the corn and upon investigation the man was found dead.
The eldest son, Ithiel J. Dyer, who owns and resides on the R. V. Parrent place two miles north of Cadiz, was at once notified, and the son came on to Cadiz to notify other members of the family and to arrange for the burial.
Burial took place yesterday at the family grave yard on the place where the deceased had long lived.
Mr. Dyerr was born in February 1846, and was a son of John Dyer, one of Trigg county's most prominent citizens and a Sheriff of the county. Judge Alfred B. Dyer, long deceased, was an uncle. When reaching young manhood, he engaged in teaching in the county schools for a number of years. Later he was for a number of years a merchant of Wallonia, but most of his life had been spent as a farmer.
In 1832 he was united in marriage to Miss Mattie Brandon, and the wife died in 1920. the following are the names of the surviving children: Ithiel J. Dyer, Miss Mattie B. Dyer, O. B. Dyer and O. C. Dyer, of Trigg county, and Elope K. Dyer, of Akron Ohio.
Mrs. Eliza Blane of Cadiz is an only living sister, but there are two half sisters in Graves county - Mrs. Scott Halbrook and Mrs. Brack Sullivan.
It can be said with truth that Trigg county never had a better man for a citizen than Rufus Dyer. With an individuality as all men have, he was a men of unusual intelligence, read a great deal and kept in touch with the developments of the times.
In the dealings he was scrupulously honest, believed in and practiced the Golden Rule, and wanted to do right with everybody. Before his children and the world he set an example that all could follow and believed in the idea that each day should be lived as though it was the last.
Mr. Dyer was a very quiet man and of few words, but when engaged in conversation was both instructive and interesting and those who knew him best appreciated him most.
He joined the Methodist church many years ago and lived in the faith of the denomination.
Truly a good man has gone to his eternal reward in the passing of Rufus Dyer to the life beyond the grave.
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