Hokinsville New Era
October 1886
With feelings of the deepest sorrow we announce the death of Ethel Damon, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Damon, of Crofton, of croup.
Ethel was an exceptionally bright little girl, and at school was foremost in her classes. Affectionate in her nature and with the sweetest of dispositions, she naturally won the way to the hearts of all whom she knew.
Her parents fairly idolized her and to them this separation must form a sad epoch in their lives. Think of it. She here one day the sunshine of the household, that night seized with a fatal disease that snatched her from the embrace of her loving parents. See that bright little innocent girl, when almost within reach of deaths door, suffering untold agonies, step from her bed and on bended knees offer up her little prayers, as was her custom. She was not afraid of death. She had been taught, she knew, she felt that death was only a door to an eternal happy realm, where agonizing croups, pains and sickness are unknown, and where some day her parents, her little sisters, and many friends will meet her to enjoy the endless, happy songs of praise to the Father of all.

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