"God's finger touched her and she slept"
November 11, 1928 marks the passing of the spirit of Miss Rosalie Dagg through the gateway that opens out toward that home eternal in the heavens.

Her unselfish and sacrificing life has left its imprint on hundreds of those who received their early Christian training at her knew. In addition to faithful service as Sunday School teacher, she was leader of the Sunbeams for many years.

She was a devoted member of a prayer circle which was a tower of strength to the First Baptist Church.

She possessed a voice of rare quality which she delighted to use in her Master's praise, and played both piano and organ in the church.
Throughout her life there was never a time when she was not glad to come into the house of the Lord, and it was her pleasure to minister with unselfish and cheerful devotion to her family and all others with whom she came in contact either with material aid or the generous sunshine of her personality.

We desire to pay this tribute of love and appreciation to her.

Therefore, Be it Resolved:
That we are thankful for her beautiful Christian life and pray that we may be able to emulate her fine spirit and character upholding the standard of faithfulness, love and service that were hers.
Minutes of the 6th Annual Session of Christian Co. Baptist Association (Held in Pembroke, KY) September 17 & 18, 1929.


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