John Carneal, a negro, was killed in McLean county, Ky., between Livermore and Calhoon, Friday, by a man whom he attempted to rob.
Carneal met the man in the road and commanded him to throw up his hands. The man threw up his hands, but in one of them was a pistol, and he fired.
Carneal was shot in the head. He was a very mean negro, and was wanted at Central City for robbing a small boy of $4.80. Carneal saw the boy buy a railroad ticket to central City at Greenville, handing the agent a $5 bill and receiving $4.80 in change. He followed him on the train and managed, just before they arrived at Central City, to knock the boy's hat out of the window. When the train stopped he offered to go back with the little fellow to hunt for his hat. At a safe distance from the depot he overpowered him and took his money from him.
Hopkinsville New Era
Nov 1886

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