The death of Mr. James Bronaugh, at Aiken, S.C., Saturday night, was a matter of sincere regret to his friends in this city.
Several years ago the disease that closed his earthly career took hold upon him. Last fall he went to South Carolina in search of a climate favorable to his physical condition. But death would not release its victim, and after a few months residence in this Southern State, he calmly passed away.
His remains reached this city Monday morning in charge of Mr. J.C. Boxley, who had been faithful to his friend and relative through all his suffering.
This afternoon at 1 o'clock the funeral will be preached at the Baptist church by Rev. J.T. barrow. The interment taking place at the City Cemetery.
Yesterday the Tobacco Board of Trade met and appointed pall bearers and passed appropriate resolutions. The deceased was a member of the firm of C.F. Jarrett & Co., tobacco brokers.
He was one of the best buyers in the country and as a business man occupied a high position. In social life he was quiet and unassuming, but kind-hearted and genial. He was a most agreeable companion, and those who knew him always loved him.
His family, the aged father and his affectionate brother and sister, grieve his departure as only those grieve who lose a life full of love and joy to them.
Hopkinsville New Era Jan 1885

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