Judge James W. BOWDEN
Word has been received here of the death of Judge James H. BOWDEN at Russellville, Ky.
The end came at 6:30 o'clock Wednesday morning, and was the result of paralysis, with which the Judge was stricken a year ago. Judge Bowden was seventy-three years of age.
He served as a member of the Legislature when a voting man, and later was Judge of the Superior Court of Kentucky shortly after the war. He served two terms and was associated on the bench with Judges Richards and Reed.
He is survived by his wife, who was a daughter of the late Marmaduke B. MORTON. He leaves the following children,
Mrs H.M. Caldwell, Marmaduke B Bowden, Miss Elizabeth F Bowden, Mrs William L. Morton, of Louisville, Miss Fannie
M. Bowden and Dr. Henry Bowden of Russelville.
Russellville, Ky 1906


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