From an unidentified newspaper 1891
Sophie Emily SIVLEY was the daughter of Absalom and Dolly BOSTICK and was born in Stokes Co., N.C., Aug. 1, 1827. She was one of a family of eight children, four boys and four girls. The entire family moved to Christian Co, Ky., May 1846. The father died in 1855, the mother in 1865.

She was married to Eli H. Sivley July 11 1850. There were born unto them four daughters and one son, all of whom are living.
Sister Sivley was converted at Hebron in Aug., 1874, being led to the altar of prayer by her only son. He repentance was deep and conversion very clear and satisfactory.

She immediately joined the Methodist church at Hebron and made a faithful member the rest of her life.

Raised by a pious mother she was a firm believer in the christian religion, and taught her children to read the Bible, attend church and Sunday school, although not a christian herself until she was 47 years of age. Being timid and reticent, she was not demonstrative in the religious worship but was devotional and always attended worship when she could.

Her sickness which resulted in death was of four months' duration, being that of heart trouble. She suffered intensely at times, but bore it with patience and without a murmur.

She continued to read the New Testament and Christian Advocate, which had been her companion for years, as long as she had rest from pain.
All had been done for her that tender hands and medical skill could do. Her days were numbered and her work was done, she quietly fell to sleep about midnight July 25, 1891, and her spirit went to God who gave it. She was a true wife, an affectionate mother, a friend to humanity and a devout Christian. She sleeps well.

Submitted by a descendant of Absalom Bostick's sister, Elizabeth Bostick Joyce:
Brenda Joyce Jerome, CGRS

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