Old friends of Canton and Linton and relatives attended the funeral services held for the late Captain Lonnie H. BLACKFORD at the Lindsay Funeral Home in Paducah last Saturday.
Captain Blackford, a native of Trigg county, had resided in Paducah for the last 20 years. Burial was made at the Mt Kinlan Cemetery at Lone Oak, a suburb of Paducah.
He was the son of the late Sam W. Blackford and Mrs Leona Weakley Blackford of Linton. He was born in Linton some 50 years ago and was married to Miss Leah Wallace of Canton in April of 1920. To this union two children were born, a daughter, Rebecca, now married to Charles Russell and a son, Lonnie H, Jr now a student at Tilghman High School in Paducah.
Since early boyhood Captain Blackford was intensely interested in river navigation and he soon became a pilot on the Cumberland River packets, the Richardson, the Butorff and the Nashville. For the past 16 years he has been employed as pilot and captain of the U.S. Government boats out of Paducah, the Ottawa being the last vessel he served on. Due to poor health he retired last April from active duty.
About 10 days ago he was taken critically ill and was removed to the I.C. Hospital where his demise occurred
Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 23.
Funeral services were conducted by his pastor Rev. Roy Williams of the Fountain M.E. Church.
Surviving are his wife, Daughter and son, his mother, Mrs. Leona Blackford of Paducah; two brothers, Willie of Paducah, and Luckett of Detroit, Mich.
Cadiz Record Nov 1944


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