Mrs Emily Jane Berkley Dies Near Laura Furnace
71 Year Old Resident Dies After Suffering Stroke
Mrs Emily Jane BERKLEY died at her home near Laura Furnace, between the Rivers, early Wednesday morning, April 3,
1940 which caused her death.
She was the daughter of William and Ellen HENDON and was born near Pleasant Hill.,September 24, 1868. She was 71 years old,.
She professed faith in Christ in early life and joined Pleasant Hill Baptist Church and was a member of this church at the time of her death.
She was married to Finis F BERKLEY March 31, 1872. Eight
children were born to this union. Two children died in infancy.
The surviving children are Percie Lee BERKLEY Terry
BERKLEY, Mrs Luther FUTRELL, Ralph BERKLEYand Jimmie Ray BERKLEY of Trigg County and Mrs Belle MANARY, Detroit, Michigan. She is also survived by twenty two grand children, three great grand children and brother, P.D. HENDON, one sister, Mrs Gus JONES.
Mrs Berkley was an ardent believer in the ways of Christian living, a kind neighbor and will be missed by relatives, neighbors and friends.
Funeral services were conducted by Rev. John W. Outland at Pleasant Hill Church, Thursday at 2:30, and burial took place at Pleasant Hill Cemetery in the presence of a large number of sorrowing relatives and friends.
Cadiz Record Apr 11, 1940


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