The Rev. W.W. ARMER a Methodist preacher, was given twenty-one years in the penitentiary by a jury at Calhoun for killing his seventeen year old son last May near Sacramento.
About the year 1886 or 87 he taught school at Wallonia, and is yet remembered by many of our citizens. The crime for which he was convicted was an atrocious one. On a May afternoon he went to a field after making a pastoral call and demanded that his seventeen year old son stop work and come with him. The boy asked to be allowed to complete his work. This enraged the father, who seized a brake beam and struck him a violent blow over the head, felling him to the ground and crushing his skull. The father then dragged the boy in a buggy and placed him upright in it. He tied him up in the buggy and as the vehicle jostled along over the rough road the almost lifeless body would slip down. The preacher would reach down and pull the body in position by
the hair. He did not think the boys was seriously hurt.

When the facts in the case became known, Armer was arrested
and lodged in jail at Calhoun. He remained there over night and then was herded to Owensboro to avoid a mob.

His home is near Grayville, Ill. He has lived in Kentucky for about two years.
Cadiz Record - Jan 05, 1905 Record - Jan 05, 1905

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