Sometime ago we published a paragraph concerning the shooting of Mr. C.R. Anglin, in Tennessee.
We have received a copy of the Fayette, Tenn.., Observer of September 9th, which gives a different version of the affair. The following are the facts in the case, which relieves Mr. Anglin of all blame in the matter:
"On last Friday night at Petersburg, Mr.. C.R. Anglin was shot twice, in the back and breast, by Will Russell and Will Finely, the latter of whom has left. On the night in question the assailants told that they were going down where Mr.. Anglin was in order to "run him." And were advised not to attempt it, as it would end probably in a difficulty. They went anyhow and as was predicted became embroiled in a quarrel, which Anglin tried to bring to an end by leaving them; they followed, and this was kept up till he had left them three times. The last time the assailants came up forbearance ceased to be a virtue, and Anglin told them that they had to leave and on making a demonstration the young men fired the pistol which they had in their hands when they came up. Russell denies that he fired a shot, and claims the shooting was done along by Finley. The wounded man insists the shot in his breast was fired by Russell. We understand that Mr. Anglin refuses to appear against them. We commend his magnanimity, but condemn the judgment displayed. The ends of justice require that the young men, if guilty as is charged, should suffer the penalty attached to their offending. The wounds are doing nicely, and he will speedily recover, it is thought.
Hopkinsville New Era
Sept 1886
----Fayetteville Sept. 4 - 1886
Hopkinsville New Era
Last night at Petersburg Will Finale shot C.R. Anglin with probable fatal results.
Anglin in company with a lewd woman, was being followed by Finale and others. Anglin stooped to pick up a rock, whereupon his pursuers fired on him, two balls striking him, one in the chest and the other entering his back.
Anglin claims that William Russell also shot him. Finale has left the country. Very little sympathy is felt for Anglin, he being a terror when drunk. Anglin is a jeweler by trade. He killed a man in Alabama some years since. Hopkinsville, Ky, is his home. His family are influential. No arrests have been made.

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