Corporal Daniel Gordon Foster
1890 - 1918

CORPORAL DANIEL GORDON FOSTER, who was killed in battle during the World War, was a son of DANIEL E. and MINNIE (OATES) FOSTER, of Hopkinsville. His father's parents were CAREY and ELIZA (BARSEAU) FOSTER, and his mother's parents were W. ROBERT and JANE (BASS) OATES. GORDON FOSTER enlisted July 26, 1917, and was made a Corporal of Company I, 336th Infantry, and went overseas with the 84th Division. He was transferred to the 77th Division on October 8, 1918, and was killed at Argonne Forest November 4, 1918 just one week before the Armistice. His body was brought back to Hopkinsville, and buried in Riverside Cemetery, September 21, 1921. He was born in Christian County, June 1, 1890, and was twenty-eight years old when he died for his country. His pioneer ancestors, BAYLESS and ELIZABETH (RANDOLPH) OATES were early settles in Muhlenberg County, at one time a part of Christian

The following was taken from his diary written while he was in camp:

"I find a great consolation in serving the Old Flag. If I live it is glorious or if I'm crippled I won't regret turning out to my country's call, or if I'm killed there will be nothing to regret, for how could a man die a more glorious death than a soldier in the uniform of his country. It is one thing of my life that there are no regrets about. All I have to do is to do my duty, and do my best to make a success of this job. In fact, I think a man will prove what he is by how he does this work. We men in uniform will never have a greater task in life than the one we are engaged in now. I think a man may be judged by how he does his greatest task. No man except the Son of Man or the Lord Jesus has ever done a greater thing that we are doing now and no man ever will."
A History of Christian County, Kentucky - 1930


Meuse-Argonne Cemetery at Romagne
Frank Winston Dabney Jr.

FRANK WINSTON DABNEY, JR., volunteered for service on April 9, 1917, and was sent to Fort Sill, Camp Doniphan, for his training in the 35th Division. They went to France in May, 1918, and had their first fighting July 20th. He was wounded and in a hospital three weeks in August and rejoined his regiment, the 140th, in time for the great Argonne battle. He was killed on the first day, September 26, 1918, and was reported missing; but in June of the next year, the Graves Registration Service found his body, and it was interred in the Meuse-Argonne cemetery, at Romagne.

John C. Gary, Jr.

JOHN C. GARY, JR., who was killed in action in the World War, was running an engine on the Big Four Railroad when he enlisted in a Cincinnati company. when the company disembarked in France, a call was made on it for volunteers to join an aviation corps. He was the only man in the company who did not volunteer, saying Uncle Sam had trained him to shoot a machine gun and he was going to shoot one. He was killed in a trench in the battle of the ARgonne, November 2, only nine days before the Armistice. He was twenty-eight years old, a son of MR. AND MRS. JOHN C. GARY, SR., of Hopkinsville.

Arthur E. Grant
A Christian County Native
Arthur E. Grant, son of Luther Ellis Grant and Lennie Alice Reynolds, was born August 22, 1897, near Crofton, Christian County, Kentucky . His parents divorced by 1900 and Lennie Alice Reynolds remarried in 1903 to Thomas Calloway Marr and migrated to Texas about 1909. 
Arthur enlisted in the United States Army (Regular Army) on May 26, 1916 at Kingsville, Kleberg County, Texas and died July 20, 1918, near Soissons, France, during World War I. 
More on Arthur E. Grant and statement of Service Card

Those Who Gave Their Lives

John S. Armistead killed in action Hopkinsville
Cecil Armstrong  Lieut.  Hopkinsville
Lyman E. Barnes Lieut. Hopkinsville
John Watson Barr killed in action Hopkinsville
Julian Bertram Blakemore Hopkinsville
Barney L. Carroll killed in action (Oct. 11, 1918) Hopkinsville
Turner Lane Cline killed in action Dawson Springs
John Covington, Jr. killed in action Hopkinsville
Frank W. Dabney killed in action Hopkinsville
La Fayette Dunn killed in action Pembroke
Daniel Gordon Foster killed in action Pembroke
James William Gamble Crofton
John C. Gary killed in action Hopkinsville
Meddie Hardway Gracey
Charles Henderson Hopkinsville
Mack House Hopkinsville
John Johnson H. Kirkmansville
H. Clay Jones killed in action Hopkinsville
Clarence Allen Lander Hopkinsville
Vernon Allen Lindley killed in action Hopkinsville
William Henry Lowry killed in action Oak Grove
Raymond McCord killed in action Hopkinsville
William Taylor Mc Knight Crofton
Everett Parker Dawson Springs
Ernest Raymond Pursley killed in action Hopkinsville
William F. Reese Cerulean Springs
Dr. Charles A. Robertson killed on the battlefield while 
attending a wounded comrad
Shellie Rogers killed in action Hopkinsville
Eugene Sedberry lost at sea Hopkinsville
Gordon Shepherd killed in action Hopkinsville
Raymond L. Skerritt killed in action Hopkinsville
Howard Brame Smith killed in action Hopkinsville
Marvin Smithson Hopkinsville
George N. Stevens Hopkinsville
Henry D. Wallace, Jr. Lieut. Hopkinsville
Genie Ware Pembroke
Frank Weakly Hopkinsville
Edward O. White Hopkinsville
Oscar E. White Hopkinsville
Colored Soldiers
Albert Bell Pembroke
Rivers Clardy LaFayette
Sanders Collines killed in action LaFayette
Lenzy Elam Crofton
Walter McKinney Hopkinsville
Ben McKnight Hopkinsville
William S. Smith Hopkinsville
Conrad Watt Hopkinsville
Rogers Williams killed in action Pembroke
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