Christian County, Ky.
Oct 28, 1864

Mr. Ben D. Moore
Drummondville, Canada West.

Your favor of the 14th came to hand in due time. Much obliged to you for the manifestations of friendship towards us and that you have not forgotten old friends. I am glad to hear that you are well, though sorry to learn of your hard life.

I attended to your business as you requested, as soon as you left. The condition of our country is about as when you left, with the exception of a negro raid, which came out from Clarksville. they took all the men they could find. They got Louis and Reuben from me; Matt got out of the way. Got all your father's except Daniel and Scip, and those two boys. All of Bill Hopkins' men, Isaac and Pleasant Garrott's, Parson Vaughan's and many others, including Isaac from Mr. Radford's. Your father's Millie and Mariah have left since to follow their husbands. They got about 75 men. There has been a constant move ever since. There are from three to four wagon loads passing every day. Some people are driving theirs off.

As relates to our crops. We had a severe frost the 15th of October, which caused me to lose about one-third of my tobacco crop, having no help but Matt. If I could have kept the other two, I would not have lost any. Your father lost a good deal.

The draft is over in this county. All the young men from the Southern portion of the county were drafted, you among others. We have gotten credit for the negroes, which exempts all the white men and 300 over. It is the opinion of good men that there will be negroes enough to fill the calls without any further drafts in this county, as the negroes are all determined to go.

Some persons supposed to be robbers came to George Wills'house in the night and demanded the doors to be opened. He refused to do it. They pressed hard to have it opened. He told them to wait until he put his clothes on. Upon that, they commenced firing at the house and set fire to his porch. He ran out to put it out. They shot him and fled. He was dead in an instant.

Married ont he 13th inst. by the Rev. E. V. Baughan, Ben Bacon to Gabe Donaldson.

The rebel Colonel Lyon, part of Forrest's command, came to Hopkinsville and made an attack on the town; one killed on each side, several Federals wounded. He captured some prisoners, about 60 horses and one ambulance and left for Eddyville. There he took the garrison, which consisted of one company of whites, some negro recruiting officers, 20 or 30 negroes, all wagons and teams and left, taking his prisoners with him.

He took a tour round some of the back counties, went out by way of the station carrying about 100 new recruits and 1,000 horses.

Young Brewer,who was a Southern soldier and a man by tne name of Bradley were captured by Federals at Hopkinsville. Col. Sam Johnson had them both shot. We have a negro recruiting office in Hopkinsville.

Last news from the South: Hood had fallen in Sherman's rear, taking Dalton, capturing 2,000 negro soldiers. Wheeler has taken Rome with about 3,000. Forest, Newport with 2,000.

I believe I have given you all the news that I am in possession of. The negroes, headed by whites, have been to father's and the neighbors round, robbing them of everything they have to live on.

Dr. Drane fire on them, captured one gun, knocked one negro's jawbone out.

Refugges from East Tennessee are crowding in at Clarksville, so they have to shove the negoes out to make room for them.

With best wishes for your welfare

Yours friend,

C. O'Neal

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