Kentucky State Guard
Company D, Fourth Battalion,K.S.G.

For a long time there was to be no war, but the people of the country were of martial stock and it was not long until the minds of the young men began to turn to military matters. A military school had been established in Hopkinsville in 1873 and in it the sons of veterans on both sides were taught the arts of warfare. Kentucky was having mining troubles, occasional race riots and other disorders and found it advisable to maintain a standing army known as the Kentucky State Guards, made up of companies from the different sections of State. And so it came about that Hopkinsville was called upon to contribute a unit to the regiment from western Kentucky and a company destined to become famous was duly organized.

The company was mustered into service as State Guards by Major M. H. CRUMP, of Bowling Green, June 20, 1882 with the following roll: 

H. H. Abernathy Dennis Barbee Upshaw Buckner F.W. Buckner J.C. Buckner
T.b. Burbridge George N. Campbell E. T. Campbell John E. Campbell W. W. Clarke
F.H. Clarke E. R. Cook, Jr. John W. Cooper John G. Ellis E.L. Ellis
R.B. Ellis M. L. Elb T.P. Ennis W. H. Faxon W.S. Feland
C.E. Fuqua George E. Gary George W. Gibson John R. Green F. F. Henderson
A.W. Henderson R.B. Hickman Bryan Hopper R.E. Howell C. S. Kennedy
George H. Lacy C. G. Mc Daniel H. Mc Kee J. D. McPherson G. E. Medley
J. T. Owen John W. Payne James Phelps H. A. Phelps, Jr., J. B. Richards
J. O. Rust W. E. Smith J.D. Tandy, Jr. Ben Thompson C.E. Trice
H.D. Wallace Bailey Waller J.W. Warfield J.B. West J. H. Winfree
F.B. Wooldridge R.M. Wooldrige

  • S. R. Crumbaugh, Captain; 
  • W.E. Smith, First Lieutenant; 
  • John R. Green, Second Lieutenant

This membership of fifty-three was soon increased to sixty-five and the company entered upon a career of triumphs and by the following year had become the best drilled company in the State guards. Major S. R. Crumbaugh resigned as Captain soon after organization and W. E. Smith became Captain. In August a committee of young ladies took it upon themselves to canvass for funds to purchase a banner for the new company. This was done and the company went into its first encampment at Mammoth Cave in October. On October 8th, the committee of young ladies consisting of:

  • Miss Lelia Ware, President 
  • Miss Annie Waller, Secretary 
  • Miss Lizzie Tandy, Treasurer 
  • Miss May Ware, 
  • Miss Annie Ware 
  • Miss Belle Henry 
  • Miss Lallie Wooldridge 
  • Miss Mattie Stoner
went to the cave and the flag was formally presented by Miss Annie Ware and accepted by Captain Smith. Governor Luke P. Blackburn was present.

The following year, the company went to Frankfort to attend the inquguration of Governor Proctor Knott. On the occasion the following drill corps took the highest honors in State competition and was awarded a handsome banner.


  1. W.E. Smith, Captain 
  2. E. Lee Ellis, First Lieutenant 
  3. F. H. Clarke, Second Lieutenant 
  4. C.E. Trice, First Sergeant 
  5. F.W. Buckner, Second Sergeant 


  1. Pat Ryan 
  2. F.F. Henderson 
  3. J.H. Dagg 
  4. Bryan Hopper 
  5. R.H. Holland 
  6. Jouett Henry 
  7. George Gibson 
  8. James Garrity 
  9. John Feland 
  10. Charles B. Burbridge 
  11. Bailey Waller 
  12. Henry Abernathy 
  13. Tom B. Burbridge 
  14. Henry Clarke 
  15. Charles Lacy 
  16. Frank Mc Carroll 
  17. John E. Campbell 
  18. E.R. Cook Jr. 
  19. W.T. Cooper 
  20. John G. Ellis 
  21. John O. Rust 
  22. T.N. Petree 
  23. M.L. Elb 
  24. J.C. Buckner 
  • Ed. T. Campbell 
  • Walton Bryan
The company maintained its organization for many years, doing service frequently in disturbances in the State and was always a source of pride to the City of Hopkinsville and to the county. 

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