charles m. meacham


I am a native of Christian County, descended from Revolutionary ancestors on both sides, who were among the county’s earliest settlers. My paternal great-grandparents were Joseph Meacham and James Robinson, both of whom received land grants to soldiers in the northern part of the county. My maternal ancestor was William Lander, who was too young for service, but whose wife was a daughter of John Strode, a patriot who received a land grant in a Bluegrass county. The Landers settled in the western part of the present county where my mother’s parents were born. My pioneer forbears selected this spot out of all Kentucky for their home, and are buried in its soil. They bequeathed to me a love for it that has kept me in Christian County up to the present time.

I have been identified with the press of Hopkinsville, and have long cherished the ambition to write a history of Christian County. With the files of a paper I published for forty years, and other records of historical events, I feel that I can point to this book as a correct recital of the events it seeks to record.

It has been forty-six years since the only previous history of the county was written. I had something to do with that work, as I was publishing a newspaper at the time, and was called upon for assistance frequently in its compilation.

This history does not attempt to deal in detail with pioneer struggles of one hundred and fifty years ago. Various histories of the state have been published and even the school children are familiar with the early settlement of Kentucky. . This book will be a record of the achievements and triumphs of the people of the past, whose lives have become a part of the county’s history, supplemented by my own recollections of the achievements of those who have lived in and developed the county since the pioneers passed away.

It shall be my desire and my earnest endeavor to be fair and impartial in recording the county’s hislory of the last century and a half. I love the county and love its people, whom I have lived among long enough to understand. They may differ in politics, in religion and in their surroundings, their aspirations and their impulses, but they are in the main the same Anglo-Saxon stock that has made Kentucky a desirable State in which to live, and has helped to make America the world power it is today, the only nation on earth that has never known defeat. This record will attempt to tell something of the warriors of Christian County, whose deeds have in six wars added to the glory of their county.


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