charles m. meacham



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Majors, Ammon - Crofton
Mason, Brockman (Navy - Hopkinsville
Martin, Edward - Hopkinsville
Miller, Colin Stewart - Hopkinsville
Martin, Harvey Ovid - White Plains
Major, Wm Garnett (Corp) Herndon
Mobley, Percy - Fairview
Mabry, Clarence Calvin Edwards Mill Rd Hopkinsville
Morris, Earl (Marines) - Hopkinsville
Minor, Henry Clay Route 6 Hopkinsville
Merritt, Marcus (Capt) - Hopkinsville
Martin, Reuben Gared Route 2 -Kelly Crofton
Menner, Wm Lester - Hopkinsville
Mockbee, Herbert T (O.S.) - Hopkinsville
Meacham, Rodman (Capt) (O.S.) Hopkinsville
Major, Bryant (O.S.) - Hopkinsville
Marquess, Luther H (Corp) wounded - Rainbow Division Crofton Route 2
Moore, T. D. Dr - Hopkinsville
Marquess, Eldridge (Navy) - Hopkinsville
Mills, B. D. (O.S.) - Hopkinsville
Myers, Rex - Crofton
Moss, James L - Hopkinsville
Miller, Ernest - Hopkinsville
Mason, Reno - Fairview
Morris, Zara - Hopkinsville
Mason, Bluford (O.S.) Deceased Hopkinsville
Moorefield, Dicks (Sgt) (O.S.) Croix De Guerre La Fayette
Mason, Milton  L - Hopkinsville
Miller, J. O. (Corp) (O.S.) - Hopkinsville
Moseley, Ernest F (1st Lt-Capt) (O.S.) La Fayette
Morrison, Edward David (Lt) - Hopkinsville
Marshall, Owen - Hopkinsville
Morgan James W.  (O.S. ) Cerulean, Route 1
Meacham, Frank A Route 6 Hopkinsville
Moss, Newton Route 8 Hopkinsville
Moore, Harvey - Hopkinsville
Morris, Fred  O (Sgt) - Pembroke
Morris (Morse),Noble T - Gracey
Meacham, Marion Henry 216 Brown Hopkinsville
Metcalfe, John Orr 306 6th St Hopkinsville
Mason, Thomas Foster (O.S.) - Hopkinsville
Martin, Robert Route 2 Cerulean
Major, Walter Bennett - Bardwell
Morefield, Fulton (O.S.) - Hopkinsville
Mitchell, Eli Duffy (O.S.) - Hopkinsville
Morgan, James W - Hopkinsville
Melton, Ellis Jas. (1st Lt) Va. St. Hopkinsville
Martin, Rufus - Kelly 
Morgan, Douglas (O.S.) wounded - Clay St Hopkinsville
Morris, James C - Pembroke
Moseley, Edw. Downer - Hopkinsville
Mason, Walter Browder - Casky
Moore, James E (O.S.) - Hopkinsville
Miller, James D (O.S.) - Gracey
Maxey, Sherman - Hopkinsville
Mabry, Otho Carl (O.S.) Route 7 Hopkinsville
Morris, Aaron Route 1 Pembroke
Myers, Rex - Crofton
Morris, Raymond (Navy) - Hopkinsville
Major, Bentley Clark (Navh) Route 2 Pembroke
Moseley, Lucien (Navy) - La Fayette
Moseley, Joe G (S.A.T.C.) - Hopkinsville
Metcalfe, Lee Douglas (S.A.T.C.) - Hopkinsville
Morris, Wm Rudolph (S.A.T.C.) Route 1 Pembroke
Moss, W. Ray (S.A.T.C.) - Hopkinsville
Moseley, Vernon R Route 1 Cerulean
Marquess, Audley R - Hopkinsville
Mason, Reno L - Hopkinsville
Mason, Walter - Hopkinsville
Moore, James Robt (Navh) - Hopkinsville
Mayes, Bryuan - Hopkinsville
Morgan, Joseph A - Sinking Fork
Major, Horace E - Hopkinsville
Mullen, Azro - Hopkinsville
Monroe, Calvin - Hopkinsville
Morris, Robert - Hopkinsville
Marshall, Owen - Hopkinsville
Moore, Charles - Hopkinsville
Murphy, Raymond - Hopkinsville
Miller, James - Hopkinsville
Mayton, Wyly S - Hopkinsville
Mc Gar, Iley (O.S.) - County
Mc Cord, Eldridge - Hopkinsville
Mc Gee, Charles M  - Hopkinsville
Mc Reynolds, Calvin (Navy) (O.S.) Hopkinsville
Mc  Intosh, Harry W  (O.S.) Route 7 Hopkinsville
Mc Reynolds, James S - Hopkinsville
Mc Kee, Charles Francis (O.S.) - Hopkinsville
Mc Shane, Hugh Jr (S.A.T.C.) - Hopkinsville
Mc Culloch, Charles - Hopkinsville
Mc Carroll, Robert H (Navy) - Hopkinsville
Mc Reynolds, W. F. (Marines) Route 3 Gracey
Mc Collum, Bugler (O.S.) - Hopkinsville
Mc Intosh, Douglas Jacob (O.S.) - Hopkinsville
Mc Intosh, Wm Goebel (Navy) - Hopkinsville
Mc Cord, W. L. (O.S.) - Hopkinsville
Mc Cord, Dewey (O.S.) wounded Hopkinsville
Mc Reynolds, Tom (Lt.) - Hopkinsville
Mc Reynolds, Hudson - Hopkinsville
Mc Cartney, Charles - Hopkinsville
Mc Knight, Wm Henry (Sgt) (O.S.) Hopkinsville
Mc Daniel, Dr. R. F.  - Hopkinsville
Mc Graw, Raymond E deceased Hopkinsville
Mc Knight, James - Hopkinsville
Mc Daniel, Dr. R. F.  - Hopkinsville
Mc Graw, Raymond E deceased - Route 1 Hopkinsville
Mc Knight, James - Hopkinsville
Mc Reynolds, Dr. John Olin - Hopkinsville
Mc Gee, Lucien (O.S.) - Herndon
Mc Gowan, James Huber - Hopkinsville
Mc Nealy, Samuel Kerr - Mannington
Mc Knight, Wm Taylor -deceased - Route 1 Crofton
Mc Carroll, Wm Starling - Hopkinsville
Mc Intosh, John Wm (O.S.) Route 7 Hopkinsville
Mc Intosh, J. J. Route 7 Hopkinsville
Mc Carley, Lucien T (Corp) - Pembroke
Mc Kee, David - Hopkinsville


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