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of 1829

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James Armstrong md Sally Shaw
 Marr. Dec. 10, 1829
 By: Larkin T. Brasher, J.P.

John Armstrong md Susan Croft
 Marr. March 30, 1829
 By: John Babbitt, M.G.

William Babb md Nancy Foster
Marr. 4-10-1829
 By: Isaiah H. Boone,M.G.

James Y. Barnett md Elizabeth H. Usher
 Lic. July 1, 1829  Marr. 7-2-1829
 By: John Barnett, M.G.

James Bowls md Polly Monaw
 Marr. Jan. 1, 1829
 by: Andrew Mitchum, M.G.

Beverly Boyd md Martha Boyd
Marr. 9-26-1829
 By: Henry Hopson, M.G.

Alexander Brasure md Margaret Brown
Marr. 4-2-1829
 by: Archibal Choune (?) J.P.

Abner Burnett md Catherine Overshiner
 Marr. 1-21-1829
 By: Williard Ueacham, J.P.

Minor W. Butler md Abigail H. Gray
 Marr. 8-18-1829
 By: Thomas Kirkman, M.G.

George Campbell md Rebecca Croft
 Marr. Dec. 17, 1829
 By: L.T. Brasher, J.P.

Isaiah Car (?) md Mary Womack
 Marr. Aug. 5, 1829

Nicholas W. Cavanah md Margaret Ann McCullock
 Marr. Jan. 15, 1829
 By: Thos. Barnett, J.P.

Hardin Chick md Betty Dyer
 Marr. June 9, 1829
 By: G.W. Robbins

 Rezin Davidge md Martha Dallam 
Lic. June 12, 1829 Marr. 4-21-1829

William H. Findley md Euphens Findley
 Marr. Jan. 8, 1829
 By: John Spurlin, J.P.

John Goodwin md Ann S. Cain
 Marr. Jan. 17, 1829
 By: James Haggard, Baptist Preacher

Young Hall md Rachel F. Hay
 Marr. Nov. 24, 1829
 By: James A. Lindsey, M.G.

John R. Hancock md Virginia Finley
 Marr. Apr. 9, 1829
 by: Caleb N. Bell, M.G.

James Harned md Sarah Wicks
 Marr. June 20, 1829

Philip C. Hord md Eustatis Ann Cates
 Marr. Jan. 19, 1829
 By: Alex. R. Curry, M.G.

Thomas Hutchison md Mary Finley
 Marr. Feb. 12, 1829
 By: Wm. G Hutchison, M.G.

Robert H. Kelly md Harriet Miller
 Marr. June 30, 1829
 by: W. Caldwell, M.G.

George G. Keys md Anne Cansler
 Marr. Dec. 17 1829
 By: John Bobbitt M.G.

 Elijah Kinkman md Rebechak Dupuy
 Marr. Dec. 22, 1829
 By: I. Sinclair, M.G.

Wiley Ladd md Margaret Pool
 Marr. Nov. 23, 1829
 By: John Bobbitt M.G.

Steven L. Lander md Mary Torian
 Marr. June 10, 1829
 By: James Robison

Livingston L. Leavell md Mariann M. Buckner
 Marr. May 26, 1829
 By: H. Caldwell, M.G.

G. M McIntosh md Polly
 Marr. March 23, 1829
 By: Archabill Bourland, M.G.

William M. Moody md Catherine S. McLuer
 Marr. Dec. 22, 1829
 By: Greenup Kelly, M.G.

Henry Moore md Charity McDouglas
Marr. Aug. 12, 1829
 By: I.H. Boon, M.G.

G.W. Morrisfield md Mary I. Woolfo,
 Marr. Dec. 19, 1829
 By: I.X. Boon, M.G.

Marvel Mosely md Margaret Coon
 Marr. Sept. 7, 1829
 By: Henry Hopson, M.G.

David C. Myers md Sarah Ann Hord
 Marr. Nov. 19, 1829
 By: Asher Shelton, M.G.

Edward Quisenberry md Elizabeth Enlaw
 Marr. Oct. 22, 1829 
 By: James Haggard, M.G.

James Y. Quisenberry md Jane F. Graves
 Marr. Apr. 23 1829
 By: John S. Willson, M.G.

John Sisney md Matilda Thompkins
 Marr. Nov. 30, 1829
 By: Samuel Younglove, J.P.

Issac Smith md Patsy Meacham
 Marr. Sept. 24, 1829
 By: John Spurlin, J.P.

Matthew Sparks md Polly McKnight
 Marr. Feb. 1 1829
 By: Archabill Bourland, M.G.

Edgar M. Thompson md Ann Williams
 Marr. Dec. 3, 1829
 By: John Bobbitt, M.G.

James Thomson md Elizabeth Quisenberry
 Marr. Aug. 18, 1829
 By: G.W. Robbins, M.G.

William Tinsley md Lucy Bronough
 Marr. Oct. 3, 1829
 By: G.W. Robbins, M.G.

Ewing Waldrop md Polly McAllister
 Marr. June 11, 1829
 By: William McGee, J.P

Giles Wells md Martha Fruit
 Marr. Nov. 10, 1829
 Wit: Dec. 8, 1829 By John Babbitt, M.G.

Claibourn D. West md Paulina H. Radford
 Marr. Oct. 10, 1829
 By: Isaiah H. Boon, M.G.

William W. Western md Judith Elgin
 Marr. July 9, 1829
 By: Thomas Caldwell, M.G.

Anderson S. Witty md Polly Dunavan
 Marr. Oct. 22, 1829
 Wit: Oct. 24, 1829 by Samuel Younglove , J.P.

John M. Wood md Mrs. Ann Kennedy
 Marr. July 7, 1829
 By: G. Sinclair, M.G.

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