Spurlin Cemetery

From Hopkinsville at intersection of Highway 107 N and E 7th Street, go on Highway 107 N for 10.5 miles, go left on Highway 189 past Lacy School and go about 7.8 miles.  Turn left on Highway 1914.  Go about 3.2 miles.  The cemetery is on the right side of the road inside fence.

Photos and inscriptions by Wanda Barnes and Jean Wells November 5, 2004
Annotations are from Wanda Barnes’ BARNES FAMILY, Eve Jordan’s NORTH EAST CHRISTIAN COUNTY,
vital statistics and death certificates.


Larkin T. Barnes
June 5, 1860
October 7, 1934

Dora M. Barnes
September 11, 1857
September 11, 1943

Larkin Templeton Barnes was the son of Maxwell Sharpe Barnes and Eliza Jane Word. He was known as “Buck”.  Isadora M. was the daughter of Noel Spurlin and Nancy H. Word
Larkin and Dora married September 8, 1883

January 19, 1879
August 11, 1930

May 19, 1873
September 11, 1937

Samuel Houston Craddock was the son of Samuel Houston Craddock, Sr. and Lucinda (may have been a Sims)
Daisy Dean was the daughter of John McAdoo and
 Catherine Francis from Tennessee

August 1, 1911
May 8, 1964

Mildred was the daughter of Samuel Houston Craddock and Daisy Dean McAdoo.  She never married

James Holland SPURLIN


son of Noel W.Spurlin  and Nancy H. Word
never married
known as Jake

 The next stone is “3 in 1”.  Nancy Spurlin on one side, Noel W. Spurlin on second side, Eliza Tucker on third side.

 Nancy H. Spurlin

      Wife of Noel W. SPURLIN

   February 19, 1830
    No date of death

     “Christ is my Hope”

Nancy Hanks was the daughter of Samuel Templeton Word and Harriet Meacham


July 10, 1827
September 17, 1894

“Behold a stanger passing by, as you are now so once was I, as I am now, so must you be, prepare for death and follow me.”

Son of John Spurlin of North Carolina and his second wife
 Rebecca Meacham. John was first married to Sinah Meacham.
Noel married December 10, 1850 to Nancy H. Word

 Eliza TUCKER 
 December 18, 1882 
 March 9, 1910
 “ in aftertime we will meet her”
Daughter of Josh and Mahaley Tucker. 
Girlfriend of Jake Spurlin
Leah Maude Wells

 Daughter of Clarence and Zoe WELLS

March 27, 1921
September 20, 1921


June 24, 1884
July 9, 1927

Zoe was the daughter of Larkin Templeton Barnes and
Isadora M. Spurlin

Married December 22, 1907 to Clarence Claude Wells,  son of Patrick F. Wells and Mattie M. Mannahan 
Clarence was born July 31, 1883; died May 13, 1936

Wm. Alex WORD

Born  Jan. 20, 1871
Died  April 22, 1933

Married Luro Spurlin October 5, 1898

William Alex Word was the son of John H. and 
Milly A. Word

Luro B. WORD

Born January 23, 1863
Died  December 21, 1945

Married William Alex Word October 5, 1898

Luro was the daughter of Noel W. Spurlin and Nancy Hanks Word. 

This is the back of the stone for Luro B. WORD

I do not have any information for Alma Word

Reva Word married Rollie Young.  They are buried at Rock Bridge Cemetery

ACCORDING TO Dewey Overton and Wayburn Young, there is one unidentified grave in this cemetery.
A stone erected for this unidentified person by Wayburn Young can be seen in background of this photo.

Mr. Young also made the stones for his grandparents, Wm. Alex and Luro B. Word.

© Wanda Barnes and Jean Wells

©Western KY History & Genealogy