ROW 7, 8 & 9
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There are no stones at the north end of this row. The row of stones begins at a large cedar tree. First stone is beside the tree and cannot read the inscription 190. Another stone -- all we sould read was the initials SDM--this may be a foot stone for Samuel D. Mannahan, as his head stone has been broken and reset as two graves.
Viona Mannahan
May 30, 1886
June 16, 1916

Viona was the daughter of John and Margaret (Porter) Fikes. Married September 23, 1902 to Frank Oscar Mannahan. This stone was made by her son, Sameul Delany Mannahan.

James D. Harkins
July 28, 1853
October 18, 1895
James was the son of james and Sarah A. (Myers) Harkins. "Earth has one mortal less, Heaven has one Angel more."
Sarah A. Harkins
October 24, 1824
October 29, 1897

Sarah married January 4, 1849 to James Harkins.


James Harkins
March 19, 1880

James was probably the son of James and Christian (Oglesby) Harkins, who came to Christian County about 1803.James married Sarah A Myers January 4, 1849. This stone has been broken and glued back together -break is across the date of birth.

Devina Grace
June 23, 1798
June 15, 1882

Devina was the son of Henry and Nancy ( Diviney) Grace. He married Anna Harkins February 8, 1827.

Anna Grace
November 14, 1808
February 5, 1888

Daughter of James Harkins and Christine (Oglesby) Harkins. Wife of Devina Grace.

Victoria J. Mullins
January 2, 1842
October 30, 1910

"Gone but not forgotten." Wife of Andrew E. Mullins.

Katie Cook
July 23, 1885
April 15, 1937

George Devina Grace
August 9, 1873
October 25, 1931

Katie was the daughter of Marshall and Hermina Phedora (Flowers) cool. Married a second time to Bill Bone. George was the son of Abner Divina and Narcissa Edmona (Walker) Grace. They were married September 29, 1902 in montgomery County, Tennessee."Dear ones, we miss you."

Dale H. Overton
June 1945

Infant son of J. Volney and Annie Hazel (Grace) Overton.

J. Volney Overton
December 5, 1896
October 3, 1975

Annie Hazel Grace Overton
November 3, 1903
June 13, 1963

J. Volney Overton was the son of James W. and Emma (Sweeney) Overton.  He married Annie Hazel Grace, the daughter of George Divina and Katie (Cook) Grace.

Rock Bridge Cemetery      Row 8
Henry L. Knight
September 12, 1862
June 25, 1917

Emmer L. Knight
April 8, 1871
May 2, 1935

Henry H. Knight was the son of Jesse Knight and Ripley Burton (?).  Emma was the daughter of John A. and Susan E. (Patterson) McCracken.  Henry L. and Emma L. were married November 6, 1880.

Oby Chester Knight
May 17, 1906
June 5, 1907

"Gone but not Forgotten"


Edith Irene England
Born and died
March 31, 1914

Edith Irene England was the daughter of Eden and Fannie Elizabeth (McCracken) England

Marshall C. Cook
January 3, 1860
December 26, 1936

Nora Gertrude (Gertie) Cook

Marshall C. Cook was the son of Patrick H. Cook and Sallie A. (Gorham).  He married Hermina Phedora Flowers and divorced.  He remarried Nora Gertrude Fox on March 9, 1902.  Nora Gertrude Fox was the daughter of Preston and Lou Ranie (Putman) Fox.

Sallie A. Cook
July 30, 1838
August   , 1883
"Erected by her son"
M.C. Cook

Sallie Ann was the daughter of W.H. and Priscilla (Potts?) Gorham.  She married Patrick Henry Cook.

Large Stone
Benjamin P. Dunlape
May 1, 1875
July 27, 1876

Smaller Stone
Frankie Dunlape
September 25, 1861
February 14, 1862

Both were the sons of J.C. and N.M. Dunlape

William Farmer
November 22, 1837
January 4, 1862

William Farmer was the son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Farmer.

This stone has been broken and was set up as two different graves.  The first half has born October 9, 1841 died Evansville, Indiana March 9, 1862 in the service of the U.S.  The second part has "The Star Spangled Banner, Long May it Wave Over the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave."  Part of the name Samuel can be seen, the rest of it is missing.
Lycurgus Marquess
September 22, 1852
September 7, 1936

Janet A. Marquess
March 21, 1876
August 24, 1947

Lycurgus Marquess was the son of Robert Elliot Marquess Sr. and Martha Ann P'Pool.  Janet Ada White was the daughter of Alexander (Alec) and Martha Franklin (Hendrix) White.

William Iray Mason
August 11, 1882
May 28, 1885
David Young
August 25, 1804
September 9, 1879

David Young was the husband of Elizabeth Reed.  "A loved one has gone from our circle on Earth we will meet him no more.  He has gone to heaven and all his afflictions are over."

William Young
Born 1832
Died 1905

William Young was born in Tennessee.  He was the son of David and Elizabeth (Reed) Young.  He married Lucinda Mangrum/Margrum on September15, 1882.  She was born February 1831 and died April 14, 1892.  She is burried in Sharber Cemetery.

Robert F. Young

Robert fought in the Spanish-American War. He died in Georga. Robert F. Young was the son of William and Lucinda J.          ( Margrum) Young. He married January 28, 1894 to Dovie jackson, the daughter of Winfield "Wince" and Sarah Jane (Cavanaugh) Jackson. Dovie was born January 30, 1874; died January 6, 1961.

Russell Durwood Grace
Born and Died
September 15, 1933

Russell Durwood Grace was the son of Raleigh and Lois (Wells) Grace

Victor H. Overton
October 7, 1904
July 17, 1985

Lorene Grace Overton
May 16, 1908
September 6, 1983

"Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven." Victor H. Overton "Pete" was the son of Mattie Overton. Lorene (Grace) was the daughter of GeorgeDivina and Katie (Cook) Grace

Rock Bridge Cemetery           Row 9

Stanford C. Young
October 12, 1930
December 11, 1975

Stanford C. Young was the son of Luther and Mae (Jordan) Young.

Luther Young
April 9, 1894
October 3, 1969

Mae Young
November 12, 1902
May 23, 1978

Luther Young was the son of John A. and Alice (Lile) Young. Mae was the daughter of Malivin Mack and Snow (Pennington) Jordan. Luther Young was also in the military.

Bufford Young
July 19,1920 - 1950

Lucille L. Young
April 7, 1929 - _________

Bufford was the son of Luther and Mae ( Jordan) Young. He married Lucille L. Frey. Lucille was the daughter of George W. and Margaret (West) Frey. Lucille remarried Earl Adams. She was buried at Ridgetop Cemetery in Crofton, Ky.

Wayburn R. Young
October 18, 1933 - Living

Lola Wells Young
February 8, 1939
February 20, 1998

"It matters not how long you live, but how well." Wayburn R. Young was the son of Rollie and Reva (Word) Young. He married May 18, 1963to Lola Mae Wells, the daughter of Herman West and Vivian (Brinkley) Wells.

Rollie Young
July 13, 1906
April 11, 1968

Reva Young
December 4, 1908
March 30, 1970

"Absent from sight, to memory Dear." Rollie Young was the son of Roy and Emma W. (Sharber) Young. He married Reva Word the daughter of William Alexander and Luro Spurlin Word.

James Bernard
Born and Died
December 18, 1911

Son of A. Kelly and Virgie (Brown) Tyson.

Mac Myers Wells
Born and Died
June 11, 1915

Mac Myers Wells was the son of George Albert and Henrie (Brown) Wells.

Mervin Wells
Born and Died
December 16, 1920

Mervin Wells was  the son of George Albert and Henrie (Brown) Wells

Henrie Wells
December 1, 1893
December 22, 1920

Henrie Brown was the daughter of Virgil Clark and Nealie Ann (Heltsley) Brown. She married George Albert Wells.

Vineyard Clark Wells
June 25, 1925
November 23, 1925

Vineyard Clark Wells was the son of George Albert and Algie (Brown) Wells.

Nancy Clay Crunk
November 25, 1874
October 9, 1875

Nancy Clay Crunk was the daughter of Nickolas and Sarah Jane (Patterson) Crunk

Francis T. Davis
March 10, 1865
September 23, 1866

Francis Theodore Davis was the son of William Elgin and Sarah Jane (Lawrence) Davis, who came to Christian County from Bedford County, Tennessee between 1860 and 1865.

James L. Davis
June 15, 1853
March 20, 1869

James Luther Davis was the son of William Elgin and Sarah Jane (Lawrence) Davis

Freddie Davis
September 20, 1887
April 15, 1889
John C. Davis
November 15, 1857
August 12, 1876
Levina Cooper
October 10, 1815
September, 12 1891

Daughter of Mills Manor and Lucy (Smith) of Rutherford County, Tennessee. Married (1) December 16, 1834 to Jeptha Minter in Rutherford County, Tennessee. Married (2) December 28, 1865 to M.T. Cooper in Rutherford County, Tennessee.

James W. Clark
February 13, 1878
July 3, 1908

"Aleep in Jesus." Son of Nickolas and Sarah Jane (Patterson) Crunk. Married December 6, 1896 to Emma Lile.

Infant son of James W. and Sarah Emma (Lile) Crunk
January 6, 1898

"Gone to be with Jesus"

Nickolas Crunk
July 1, 1843
May 1, 1902

"No pain, no grief, no anxious fear can reac our loved one sleeping here." Married  November 2, 1870 to Sarah Jane Patterson. In 1892 they were living in the Number 5 School District.

Marvin Mosley
February 6, 1872
September 30, 1941

Annie Marvin Mosley was the daughter of John Mosley and Amanda Hancock. She never married.

T.J. Mosley

Sarah A. Mosley

Thomas J. and Sarah A. Mosley found in the 1870 and 1880 Muhlenberg County, Kentucky Census and the 1900 Christian County Census. Information from Coni Wallace's Hancock files show Sarah Mandy Hancock daughter of William Pinckney and Nancy E. Hancock. Married John Mosley on December 12, 1867 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.

Thomas W. Mosley

Alvie L. Mosley

"Gone But Not Forgotten." Thomas W. Mosley the son of Thomas J. and Sarah A. Mosley. Alvie Lee Lester was the daughter of Dock and Martha Agnes (Marquess) Lester. She was first married to ----- Pyles.

Lillian Georgia Fox
February 17, 1883
January 2, 1885

"Gone But Not Forgotten."

Clarence L. Sharber
November 26, 1899
August 16, 1979

Iva Marquess
September 5, 1902
October 14, 1982

Clarence Leonard Sharber was the son of Jasper "Jack" and Fannie Belle (Foster) Sharber. Iva Marquess was the daughter of Lycurgus and Janetta Ada (White) Marquess.


Virgil Clark Brown
August 1, 1855
August 10, 1910

Nellie Heltsley Brown
January 31, 1872
August 25, 1936

Virgil Clark Brown was the son of William and Lucy (Myers) Brown. Nellie Heltsley was the daughter of William and Mary J. (Turner) Heltsley. They were married on January 22, 1889.

Zada Putman Jackson
October 8, 1830
May 4, 1905

"Mother." Zada was the daughter of Eld. Hiram and Rebecca Jane (Harrison) Putman of Williamson County, Tennessee. Zada married Raleigh M. Jackson on October 5, 1848.

R.M. Jackson
October 26, 1823
April 15, 1890

Raleigh M. Jackson was born in Rutherford County, Tennessee-moved to Christian County, Kentucky about 1851, was the son of Thomas Jackson and Ruth Hendrix Jackson of Overton County, Tennessee.

Hester Ann Barnett
November 8, 1844
September 4, 1911

"Grandmother." Hester Ann Barnett was the daughter of William and Martha E. Mason.

Clara Barnett
June 15, 1887
January 5, 1922

Nathan Barnett
January 17, 1878
May 4, 1967

Clara Barnett was the daughter of Patrick F. and Mattie M. (Mannahan) Wells. Nathan was the son of ------ and Hester Ann (Mason) Barnett.

Nina Barnett
April 25, 1909
July 31, 1910

Probably daughter of Nathan and Clara (Wells) Barnett.

Parlee Estes Pennington
May 10, 1865
May 28, 1925

Parlee Estes Pennington was born in Georgia. She was a widow at the time of her death. The informant, Sam Estes did not know the name of her parents.

James Harvey Height
August 20, 1873
March 9, 1942

Mayes Marquess Height
August 9, 1874
November 22, 1963

James Harvey Height was the son of Joseph Craft and Dicey Ellen (Petty) Height. Myrtle Mayes Marquess was the daughter of Robert Elliot Marquess and Martha P'Pool. James and Myrtle were married on September 28, 1892.

Carol Brooke Coombs
January 21, 1938
October 12, 2000

Brooke was the son of Elizabeth Melinda Coombs. He married on June 3, 1957 to Edna Frances Collins. Remarried on November 25, 1970 to Mary Alice Stooksbury. He died in Nashville, Tennessee.

Elizabeth Melinda Coombs
February 28, 1904
August 7, 1989

Elizabeth Coombs was the daughter of Samuel Christopher Coombs and Hettie Rosetta (Oglesby).

Samuel C. Coombs
June 10, 1865
April 22, 1935

Hettie Coombs
October 10, 1876
September 21, 1965

"There is rest in Heaven." Samuel Christopher was the son of Asa and Pricilla Melinda (Dillman) Coombs.Hettie Rosetta was the daughter of Henry Harrison and Elizabeth (Mannahan) Oglesby. They were married may 12, 1903 in Hopkins County, Kentucky. Samuel's first wife was Ann Mannahan.

Darrell W. Coombs
January 16, 1939
January 8, 1939

Darrell Wayne was the son of Reginald Eugene and Artie Mae (Lile) Coombs.

J.L. Martin
April 11, 1936
December 16, 1940

He was the son of Kirby and Nola Martin.

Kirby Martin
May 3, 1905
December 19, 1990

Nola H. Martin
December 13, 1906
February 16, 1988

Kirby Martin was the son of A.J. and Anna Bell (Moore) Martin. Nola Hight was the daughter of  James Harvey and Myrtle Mayes (Marquess) Hight.

Joel E. Wells
December 12, 1939 - Living

Wanda S. Wells
October 16, 1942 - Living

Joel Estin Wells was the son of Lee Roy and Lillian (Jordan) Wells. Wanda Sue Sharber was the daughter of Leland and Mary Nell (Lile) Sharber. They were married on December 19, 1959.

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