Thomas Jackson Cemetery

This Cemetery is in North East Christian County.  Beginning at 107 N and East 7th Street, follow 107 N. to Fearsville, then get on 189 N. to Apex about 9 or 10 miles. Turn left at Apex and go about 2-2 1/2 miles on the Apex/White Plains Road.  Not to far past the Number 5 School House Road, Cemetery is on left side of the road.

Thomas Jackson
Died March 7, 1866
76 years, 2 months,  22 days

Thomas Jackson was born  in Va.
Married Ruth Hendrix, daughter of Thomas Hendrix of Overton Co., Tn.

Wife Of
W. R. Ray
Born November 28, 1833
Died June 21, 1896

Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas Jackson and Ruth Hendrix

One broken marker was also present.
Presumed to be the grave of W. R. Ray
September 17, 1837 - June 19, 1894

Contributed By ©Jean Wells
Photos made April 2, 2003
By Jean and John Wells

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