This cemetery is located  in North Christian County, Kentucky. From the intersection of E. 7th street and 107 North—travel north approximately 7.2 miles---turn left on Old Fruit Hill Road and go approximately 2 miles. 
The cemetery is located on the right side of the road, directly behind a new pale 
yellow vinyl home.

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Cemetery surveyed November 2002


l. Edmonia Hord  October 17 1872-----October 21 1931
  (Daughter of Mary G. Fritz Hord and Maryland Hord)

2. Mary G. Hord—At Rest---October 10 1852----July 23 1939
    (Daughter of  Nancy P. Meacham and David M. Fritz)

3. Maryland Hord---April 25 1850—November 27 1918
    (Son of  Elizabeth Cavanah and George Hord)
    (Maryland was a twin to Virginia Hord Kelly)
    (He was also a juror in the Night Rider Case in Hopkinsville, Ky.)

4. Elnor –daughter of M.D. and Mary G. Hord—October 25 1895
    (Top portion of the monument on the ground and broken off)
     (Daughter of Maryland Hord and Mary Fritz Hord)

5. Arthur Hord---January 25 1876---July 16 1905---29years—6 months-21 days
    (Son of Mary Fritz Hord and Maryland Hord)
     (Husband of Gertie Fruit)

6. G.B. Hord—October 16 1853---November 16 1880.
     (Son of Elizabeth Cavanah and George Hord)
     (G. B. is George Hord He married Susan Latham)

7. David F. son of G. and E. W. Hord  November 25 1839—January 1 1858
    Remember me as you pass by as you are now, so once was I. As I am now so you must Be. Prepare-for death must follow.
     (This monument is broken in half and is very hard to read.)
     (Son of George and Elizabeth Cavanah Hord)

8. William A. Hord—October 2 1814---December 22 1886
     (This monument is broken in half)
     (Son of Ezekiel Hord and Polly Parker Hord
     (Husband of Priscilla J. King)

9. George Hord---September 1 1808—November 6 1876
    (Son of Ezekiel Hord and Polly Parker Hord)
    (George Hord was born in Spotsylvania, Va.)

10. Ephrin Ezekiel Hord
      Son of G. and E. Hord born February 23 1833---June 11 1855 
     An honest man----
    (There are other words but they are unreadable. The monument is broken in half.)
    (Son of Elizabeth Cavanah  Hord and George Hord)
    (Husband of Martha Ann King)

11. Base of Tombstone only

12. Martha Ann Hord
      Wife of Ephrin Hord –June 11 1831 or 1834----August 27 1851
      This monument is very hard to read---it is broken and flat on the ground.
      (Wife of Ezekiel Hord # 10)
      (Martha Ann’s maiden name was King.)

13. Stephen Thomas King b. June 20 1819 d. March 4 1890
      (Stephen Thomas King is the son of Benjamin Alexander King and Nancy Poor)
      There are fresh scratches on the monument that seem to made with something sharp. 
      (It has some writing but I could not make it out---top portion of the monument is 
      Broken and propped up.)

14. Amity Angeline wife of Stephen T. King---October 25 1831---December 22 1870

15. S. T. (Stephen Thomas) King born May 15 1860---August 21, 1929 
     (We believe he is a Jr.-Son of Stephen Thomas King and Amity Angeline Hammond)

16. Henrietta A. King   July 7 1867—April 12 1916
     (Wife of Stephen T. King.  Dau.of James Willis & Catherine Meacham Underwood) 
     (This is a large 3 tier stone---all 3 tiers are loose)

17. C. L. Daughter of S. T. And H. A. King—February 16 1888—July 7 1888
      (Daughter of Stephen T. and Henrietta King)
      (This monument is lying flat on the ground.)

18. Mary E. Barnes wife of G. W.   May 22 1817—September 29 1836
      In memory of her infant
     (There is a small footstone at the foot with the marking M.E.B.)
     (We believe Mary E. Barnes is the daughter of Ezekiel Hord #20)
     ( Mary Barnes married George Barnes)

19. Seth Hord—September 12 1805---March 30 1828 
      (Small portion at the top of this monument is broken off)
      (Son of Ezekiel Hord #20)

20. Ezekeil Hord—November 22 1773---June 3 1845
      There is a footstone with initial E. H. 
      (This is a large tombstone, which is leaning badly.)
      (Son of Rhodin Hord and Sally Hord his cousin)
      (We believe Ezekiel was born in Spotsylvania, Va.)

21. Col. David Myers---June 1 1801---June 25 1848
      (Husband of Sarah Ann Hord Myers)
      (Son of Henry Myers/Meyers & Anna Catherine Negley from Lancaster, PA)
22. Sarah Ann Myers--- wife of David--- March 23 1807---December 29 1873
      (This monument is off its base & sitting by a tree. 
      (Birth date is hard to read but census  records suggest 1807)
      (Wife of Col David Myers)
      (Daughter of Ezekiel Hord and Polly Parker Hord)

23. Lee T. Son of J. R. and M. E. King----October 13 1882—September 5 1883
      (Small stone standing but it appears to have been broken off)
      (Believed to be the son of James Rufus King & Mary Elizabeth Carter King)
      (Grandson of Stephen Thomas King)

24. Our mother Betsy W.  wife of George Hord---March 25 1811---Dec. 27 1884
       (Wife of George Hord  #9)
       (Daughter of Charles Cavanah)

25. Hiram Hord---October 7 1804---December 8 1854
       (This monument is off the base but the tombstone is standing)
       (Son of Ezekiel Hord and Polly Parker)

26. Richard P. Hord---February 18 1811---July 10 1848 
      To the memory of Richard Hord
      (Son of Ezekiel Hord and Polly Parker)
      (Husband of Letitia Bradley)

27. Albina wife of J. G. Hord –September 20 1850---March 6 1872
     Gone but not forgotten
      (First Wife of Julian G. Hord)
      (Julian and his second wife are buried in Riverside Cemetery)

28. Smaller stone Albina wife of  J. G. Hord


At one time there was a tombstone for Mary E. Wilson, wife of John E. Wilson --- January 13 1834---December 18 1871.  It is no longer there.

The tombstone of Sarah Ann Myers, wife of David, is broken off and has recently been moved and now sits leaning against a tree stump. Another broken tombstone has recently been moved and also sits against a tree stump. It is unreadable.

It is rumored Clay Hord may be buried here in an unmarked grave.

I have been told that several large rocks have been moved or thrown away.

Hord Cemetery

Hord Cemetery

Hord Cemetery

If anyone is a descendant of those buried in this cemetery please contact me.
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