Hight Cemetery



From Greenville, Kentucky take Highway 62 W to Highway 189.  Turn left onto Highway 189 and go about 12 miles to Highway 1914 (you are now in Christian County)
Turn right on 1914 and go 1.8 miles.  Turn right on a gravel road (this road branches three ways, keep to your left and go about 2.1 miles.  The cemetery is on the right.  There is a fence around three sides of the cemetery.  It was mowed and well kept.

The only grave that is listed in the Christian County Cemetery book that we did not find was:

Joe Hight born 12 March 1918; died April 24, 1904
Joseph John Hight was born in Bedford County, Tennessee the son of John Hight and
Nancy Harrison
Married May 1842 Lydia Malinda Carlton

Inscriptions by Wanda Barnes and Jean Wells November 5, 2004
Photos by Jean and John Wells December 5, 2004
Annotations by Wanda Barnes and Jean Wells were taken  from vital statistics, death certificates and  Eve Jordan’s NORTH EAST CHRISTIAN COUNTY, KENTUCKY

Isaiah HIGHT

August 8, 1906
September 20, 1909

Isaiah Bates Hight was the son of Frazier Owen Hight and Maude Estelle Dunning

Alberta  HIGHT

    Daughter of
F.O. and M. E. Hight

   May 27, 1904
   June 22, 1919

Alberta Jane Hight was the daughter of Frazier Owen  Hight and Maude Estelle Dunning

Frazier HIGHT, Jr.

Son of 
F.O. and M. E. Hight

Born and died
June 12 1919

Son of Frazier Owen Hight and Maude Estelle Dunning


  Daughter of 
J. C. and D. E. Hight

Born May 27, 1888
Died August 15, 1901

“Lead Kind Light”

Pearl was the daughter of Joe Craft Hight and
Dicey Ellen Petty


December 6, 1852
July 15, 1936

Dicey E. HIGHT
The wife of J.C. Hight
August 5, 1852
May 9, 1923

Joe Craft Hight was the son of Joseph John Hight andLydia Malinda Carlton. 
Dicey Ellen was the daughter of James Petty and Lydia Warren


E. M. 
1869 - 1936

  Elisha Monroe Hendrix died 31 october 1936 the son of Thomas J. Hendrix and Minerva T. Jordan
Married Sallie Hight 17 December 1891 in a triple wedding ceremony with Malvin Mack Jordan/Snow Pennington and Joseph Lile/Grizzy Mac Hendrix. Sallie was the daughter of Joe Craft Hight and Dicey Ellen Putty.  Eve Jordan has her birth date as October 1875 and died January 27, 1939

1892 Highway School District   45
J. C. Hight parent/guardian
J. H. Hight 18, L.M. Hight 13 (f), J. J. Hight 10 (f), Frazier Hight 7 (m)
E.M. Hendrix guardian of S. C. Hendrix (f) 16
(they were married in 1891)

 Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. COOK

 Lonnie L. Cook

Born April 26, 1908
Died April 28, 1908

Emmer  HIGHT

Daughter of J.C. and D.E. Hight

February 14, 1887
July         1887

Emmer was the daughter of 
Joseph Craft Hight and 
Dicey Ellen Petty

Lydia Hight

  Wife of Joe HIGHT

Born November 4, 1825
Died October 6, 1900

Lydia Malinda was the daughter of William (or Thomas) Carlton and Nancy Wade of Bedford County, Tennesee

Married May 1842

Looks like a stone missing to the right of Lydia’s grave, probably that of Joeseph John Hight.

Ivy Aleen HIGHT

     Daughter of
Homer and Una Hight

April 9, 1915
July 15, 1921

Homer H. HIGHT

Homer H. Hight was born
October 1890
Died July 1929
He was the son of 
Harvey W. Hight and
Florence Jones

Homer married Una Hight born 2 October 1893; died 12 April 1972.  She was the daughter of 
James Harvey Hight and 
Myrtle Mayes Marquess.

“Mother”                         “Father”
Florence  Hight                Harvy Hight
1858 - 1937                       1855-1927
“Her star shines in            “His Soul in bliss is now
Heaven”                               above”

Florence Jones was born September 1858; 
died May 17, 1937
Harvy W. Hight was born February 1855; 
died March 29, 1927; 
he was the son of Joseph John Hight and Lydia Carlton

Nancy J. Knight
Wife of D. H. KNIGHT
    January 12, 1849
    June 17, 1889

Nancy Jane was the daughter of Joseph John Hight and
Lydia Malinda Carlton
She married March 18, 1866 to Daniel Harvy Knight.  He was born May 10, 1835; died October 20, 1927 the son of John Knight and Rachel Hankins.  He is buried at the Oglesby Cemtery in White Plains, Hopkins County, Kentucky.

William R. Lester
Born July 16, 1872
Died December 20, 1953

Alice P.
Born July 2, 1870
Died December 27, 1943

William Robert (known as Willie Bob) was the son of 
“Dock” Lester and Margaret Agnes Marquess
Alice P. was the daughter of William Davis and 
Micheal Lawrence.

Johnnie E. LESTER
July 14, 1913
January 15, 1914

The son of 
William Robert Lester and
Alice P. Davis

There are three other Lester children buried in this row.  The stones are all the same, believe they were all children of William Robert and Alice P. Lester


There were no readable dates on these two stones.
They are in the row with William R. and Alice Lester, Johnnie and William A. Lester.  The stones are the same as the ones for Johnnie and William A. Lester.
William A. LESTER


September 27, 1897
October 10, 1897

Son of William Robert Lester and Alice P. Davis

Lafayette HIGHT

August 7, 1865
July 17, 1922

Anthony Lafayette Hight was the youngest son of Joseph John Hight and Lydia Malinda Carlton.
He married Minerva Lawrence.

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©Christian County History & Genealogy