Grant Family Cemetery
Also known as Clark Cemetery

John E. Grant was born 1830 in Montgomery Co., Tn.; married Nancy Jane Kistner, born 1838 in Floyd Co., Ky.  John E. Grant migrated to Christian Co. in the middle 1800's and bought a farm in northern Christian Co.  On this farm is what I call the Grant Family Cemetery.  It is located on Hwy 109 about 7 or 8 miles north of Hopkinsville on what was the Johnson farm when visited in 1985.  It sets on the east side of Hwy 109 about one hundred yards.  It is only about a mile or so until 109 meets with Hwy 813.  The cemetery is fenced in with trees growing out of it and can be seen from the highway setting in a pasture.  This is the best description I can give.
There are a number of sunken graves with only sandstones for markers.  The following is what I recorded in 1985.  It has been said there are two Cherokee Indians buried directly across the highway, part of the Trail of Tears that came through the area going to Princeton, Caldwell Co., Ky., where others are buried.  Rick W. Thorpe

James Cansler, June 15, 1858 - December 13, 1943
Sarah (Grant) Cansler, February 6, 1861 - November 21, 1929.

A. J. Clark, December 25, 1867 - May 27, 1935

2nd wife of A. J. Clark
Ida Lovelace Clark, March 16, 1871- April 21, 1956

1st  wife and child of A. J. Clark,
Mary M. (Grant) Clark, April 15, 1870 - September 29, 1891
Effy Clark, December 10, 1888 - January 21, 1890.

Joe Grant, 1874-1903
Mary Grant, 1880-1938

J. W. Grant,  April 7, 1859 - January 29, 1882.

J. J. Daniel, June 21, 1864 - December 29, 1898.

Docia Daniel, June 20, 1888 - March 24, 1889.

Enoch J. Grant, June 5, 1867 - June 21, 1902.

(unknown) Blankenship, May 18, 1834 - September 28, 1900. (stone broken at top).

Cemetery Transcription Submitted by
Rick W. Thorpe,
Earlington, Hopkins Co., Ky.

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