Faughender Cemetery

The Christian County Cemetery book gives these directions to the cemetery:
"from Hopkinsville at intersection of 107N and East 7th Street, go on 107 N. 14.5 miles. Turn left at Red Bridge and go 5.9 miles.  The cemetery is on the right 
beside the road. It has a wire fence around it.


J. B. Faughender
J. B. Faughender
Born April 27, 1842
Died March 12, 1917

Gone But Not Forgotten

William Chapman Grissam (Grissom)
              Born Dec. 30, 1828
              Died July 20, 1874

William Chapman Grissam was the son of John West Grissam Jr. and Sarah G. Wells. 
He married Ann C.

William Chapman Grissam
Ann C. Grissam
Ann C. Grissam
Aug. 20, 1833
 March 24, 1913


Ann C. Grissam was the wife of William Chapman Grissam

Wm Vigo Faughender
Born Jan. 9, 1870
Died Feb. 24, 1888
Wm. Vigo Faughender
G. E. Faughender
G. E. Faughender
May 19, 1872
Oct. 19, 1933
Sally Ann Grissom Faughender
May 26, 1852
Dec. 11, 1917

Probably wife of John B. Faughender married 26 Jan. 1867
and daughter of William Chapman and Ann C. Grissom.

Sally Ann Grissom Faughender
Zipporah C. Wells
Zipporah C. Wells
Born Jan. 10, 1831
Died Jan. 20, 1903

Zipporah Carolyn Wells was the daughter of John West Grissom Jr. and Sarah G. Wells. Zipporah was the third wife of Micajah Wells s/o Wyatt Wells and Nancy Ganes

Under the star on her stone are the words "Lead Kindly Light"

at the bottom of the stone " "Father to thy grace be given that we may meet in Heaven"
From Zipporah Wells' will,  "charging my nephew Jesse T. Lile to pay all my just debts...and to have me decently buried, and a rock wall put up around my grave so as to include my husband Micajah Wells' and my niece Jackie Wells' graves, like the one that is around my Father's and Mother's graves....."

Zipporah's maternal grandfather was also named Micajah Wells (brother to Wyatt).  It is not clear which Micajah Wells that John West Grissom was referring to in his will, his father in law or his son in law.
Her niece Jackie was the daughter of Micajah and his second wife Amanda Helen Grissom  (sister of Zipporah)
Micajah is said to be buried on Dukes Ridge, but if he is in this cemetery it is in an unmarked grave, nor did we find one for Jackie.

Micajah Wells was born about 1820 and died 21 July 1895. His first wife was Susannah Ebling 19 Sept. 1839. She was the mother of four of his children
his second wife was Amanda Helen Grissom 28 Jan. 1847 they had seven children.
His third wife was Zipporah Carolyn Grissom 27 Sept. 1863

Jackie Isobell Wells was born 30 Oct. 1859 and died 11 Feb. 1883. She married William (B. F. ) Wells 11 Feb. 1833 at the home of Micajah Wells witnesses were Sally Ebling and L.B. Wagoner

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