Coal Creek Cemetery

Coal Creek Cemetery is located in North East Christian County, Kentucky.  From Hopkinsville at the intersection of
E. 7th Street and Highway 107, go on 107 N. for about 10.5 miles to Lacy School.
Go left at Lacy School onto Highway 189.  Go about 6 miles to Coal Creek Road, turn right on Coal Creek Road.  The cemetery is on the left just after you turn onto Coal Creek Road.  The little church has disbanded, and the building has been moved

Some of the photos and inscriptions were done September 6, 2005 by Jean Wells and Sheila (Wells) Jackson
Finished January 27, 2006 by Jean and John Wells
Annotations with help from Wanda Barnes, Eve Jordan’s North East Christian County, Kentucky; death certificates, census and marriage records.

Row 1:

Nella Dean ALLISON
December 7, 1934
May 15, 1998
“Grandma T-Bone”

Nella Dean was the daughter of Bernice M. and
Sudie Davis  Allison.  She married (1) Roscoe Brown,
(2) Ernie Valdez, (3) Ronald Edward Dannacker


Mildred I.
August 30, 1940
Melvin R. 
November 27, 1931
 Married May 22, 1958
            “Precious Lord take me home”
Melvin is the son of Author and Viola Settles Johnson
Mildred is the daughter of Bernice M. and Sudie Davis Allison

Ronald Edward DANNACKER 
March 5, 1933
May 26, 2003
applied for Social Security in New York. Died in Naples, Florida
             Husband of Nella Dean Allison
             Military foot-marker


Sheila A. 
November 27, 1950 
Robert L.
June 29, 1949
October 18, 2004
   Precious Memories
 Robert L. was the son of Theodore and Catherine Egan Jackson
Sheila is the daughter of William Clem and
Sybil I. Allison McIntosh

Mary Annis DAVIS 
May 30, 1937
March 11, 1998 
daughter of William Alton Calvin
and Ruthnell Norman
wife of J. E. Davis  “Junior”



Bernice M.                                         Sudie F.
1906-1972                                         1909-2001

Bernice was born October 26, 1906 and died December 12, 1972.  He was the son of Joseph A. and Ida Spurlin Allison.
Sudie was born January 13, 1909 and died January 3, 2001
She was the daughter of Jake Thomas and
Carrie Elizabeth Powell Davis
Sudie married (2) Jack Crawford

ROW 3:
Arthur E. DAVIS 
March 29, 1946 
August 21, 1971
the son of Charles E. and
Hazel Morgan Davis


Wm Clem
August 5, 1926 
October 30, 2001
Sybil L.
May 11, 1930
  “Peace in the Valley”
William Clem was the son of Berry and Ruby McIntosh
Sybil is the daughter of Bernice M. and Sudie Davis Allison

ROW 4:
Charlie E. DAVIS 
April 20, 1913 
September 7, 1963 
Charles Ernest was the son of
Mattie Davis
Married Hazel Earlene Morgan

“Beloved Mother” 
Hazel Morgan DAVIS 
June 7, 1914 
Hazel Earlene died February 14,  2005
She was the daughter of
Alfonso Morgan and Martha Smith
She married Charles Ernest Davis

“Beloved Brother”
Phillip “Joe” DAVIS
May 5, 1954
October 4, 2004
The son of Charles Ernest and Hazel Earlene Morgan Davis

“Our Grandfather, beloved father, 
son and brother”
Rudolph “Rudy” DAVIS
    April 2, 1948
  October 21, 2002
  “Forever Missed”
Rudolph was the son of Charles Ernest and Hazel Earlene Morgan Davis

Row 5:
There are two stones for Roscoe Lewis Mayes
Roscoe Lewis MAYES
“son of Roscoe H. and Lillian Grace “
April 9, 1943
June 29, 1962 
son of Roscoe H. Mayes and
 Lillian Mae Grace
Second marker
U. S. Air Force
Mattie A. OVERTON 
born December 18, 1894
Died May 29, 1969
Mattie Alice was the daughter of Joseph and Levi Winsett Davis
She married (1) Robert Mayes (2) Vernie Overton

July 30, 1906 
June 12, 1985 
son of James Weston Overton and
Emma Sweeney
married (1) Mattie A. Mayes
(2) Lorene Robertson

Elmer Jackson OVERTON
 Funeral Home Marker
Elmer was born August 20, 1902; died April 16, 1989
He was the son of James Weston Overton and Emma Sweeney

Ola Mae BOREN 
May 2, 1902 
February 20, 1970
Ola Mae was a PORTER before she

Walter MAYES 
Funeral Home Marker
born February 1, 1918
died December 30, 1996
He was the son of Robert Mayes
And Mattie A. Davis



Row 6:

Wayne LILE
      Son of
Lonnie and Thelma
“ An Angel visited the green Earth, and took a flower away”

Albert Wayne Lile was born July 24, 1941 and died October 10, 1957 of leukemia. He was the son of Lonnie and Thelma Allen Lile
Wayne Lile is listed in the new Christian County Cemetery book, February 2004, as Wayne Grace son of Lonnie and Thelma Grace. The Cemetery book also has Albert Wayne Lile 1870-1858, these dates fit for Will Sweeney who was left out of the book)


October 9, 1913 
September 17, 1990
June 21, 1922
 Lonnie was the son of Jessie Cage Lile and Rosa Ann Wells
He first married Margie Overton
Thelma is the daughter of Ed and Myrtle Pennington Allen

ROW 7:
Molissie STEWART
November 26, 1871 
December 31, 1944
 the daughter of LaVasher Stewart
and Angeline J. Finley
Mother of Otha Wells



Roy L. 
Otha F.


 Roy L. “Dutch” Wells was born September 12, 1888;
 Died June 1, 1952. He was the son of Samuel Wyatt and
Mary Eliza Dillingham Wells.
Otha Florine was born December 4, 1891 and died April 30, 1979
She was the daughter of Molissie Stewart
Roy and Otha were married September 10, 1912

ROW 8:
Julia Emma 
Funeral home marker 
died May 29, 1953
the daughter of James and Susan Sweeney
She was the second wife of James Weston (or Wesley) Overton



This one has been identified as Jake Sweeney, brother of Will Sweeney and Julia Emma Overton
Jacob J. Sweeney was the son of James Sweeney and Susan Dukes.  (on his death certificate and one census his last name is listed as Swinney)
Jake Sweeney died August 19, 1943 age 74 after a tree fell on him and broke his neck.
Fuqua Funeral Home Marker
Born in January 1870;Died July 13, 1958.  The son of James Weston and Susan Sweeney.  Married November 8, 1896 to Mary Delia Overton
Delia and their son Ezra are buried at Haley’s Mill Cemetery.

Linda M. McBRIDE 
Born October 24, 1943
Died October 24, 1944
daughter of Lloyd and Melba June Grace McBride


ROW 9:

(a triple stone)


John P. 
August 22, 1918
January 14, 1983 
November 4, 1937
January 14, 1941
August 27, 1919
John Paul was the son of Artemus “Bud” and
Rettie Allison Grace
Stella was the daughter of Ed and Myrtle Pennington Allen
Barbara was the daughter of John Paul and Stella Allen Grace

 Beatrice M. GRACE-ESTES
January 4, 1920
  June 25, 2001
 the daughter of Artemus “Bud” Grace
and Rettie Allison.  married Eddie Estes
“I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith” II Timothy 4:7


September 24, 1882
 January 2, 1948 
September 18, 1889
July 6, 1965
 “Asleep in Jesus”

Artemus was the son of John L. and Mary Elizabeth Pyle Grace
Retta was the daughter of Joseph A. and Ida Spurlin Allison

Row 10:


Andrew J. 
 Fannie B.
    “Gone but not forgotten”

Andy was born August 24, 1860; died September 27, 1939
He was the son of Nicholas Estes
Fannie was born February 9, 1876; died April 29, 1957
The daughter of Betty Shannon and granddaughter of Ben Cason
They were married before 1895.

May 27, 1916
March 9, 1958
“Stone erected by her sister Pearl”
Mae was the daughter of Andrew J. and Fannie Belle Cason Estes. Married Fred Spurlin

Stella Grace of Hopkinsville said there were two unmarked graves that she knew of.

1. One is infant of Shelby and Hazel Mason.  This one was to the back of the cemetery past the 9th row.
Wanda Barnes has identified this infant from the vital statistics as Edith Mason born and died 10 September 1939; mother was Hazel Wilson

2. At one time there was a brown stone to mark the grave of
Herman Bowles, son of Dave Bowles and Mattie Overton.
He was born 27 June 1908; died 10 July 1942
He married [?] 10 July 1924

© Jean Wells, Sheila (Wells) Jackson, John Wells, Wanda Barnes