Wood Cemetery


Located on the farm of Hartwell G. Wood in Cerulean Springs, Christian County, Kentucky. Take Highway 91, from Hopkinsville, travel approximately 9 miles. Turn left onto Cerulean-Princeton Road. Go about 2 miles, turn left on gravel driveway. At the end of the driveway, park your car, because you won't be able to drive any further. It is a short walk through the pasture, to the top of the hill on the right.
Hartwell is 4th generation of Wood's to live and work this land.
William Wood

B. 06 August 1789 D. 09 March 1872

Born in North Carolina, son of William Wood

Husband of Peninah Walker Wood

Peninah Walker Wood

B. 17 Februray 1789 D. 12 November 1871

Daughter of Samuel Walker

Wife of William Wood

Enoch Pugh Wood

B. 23 August 1816 D. 06 November 1888

Son of William Wood and Peninah Walker Wood

Husband of (1) Susannah Morress and (2) Isabella T. Herndon

Susannah Morress Wood

B. 19 September 1820 D. 26 November 1862

Wife of Enoch P. Wood

Isabella T. Herndon Wood

B. 02 August 1841 D. 12 March 1878

Daughter of George Herndon

Second wife of Enoch P. Wood

Isabella Wood

B. 22 January 1877 D. 17 February 1877

Infant daughter of Enoch P. Wood and Isabella Herndon Wood

Willis Franklin Wood

B. 04 November 1830 D. 31 January 1915

Son of William Wood and Peninah Walker

Mary Ann Wood Kenady

B. 06 august 1821 D. 15 June 1906

Daughter of William Wood and Peninah Walker

Wife of Benjamin J. Kenady

Ludelia M. Woosley Wood

B. 16 August 1854 D. 18 August 1882

Daughter of Luretha A. Renshaw & James W. Woosley

And Husband

James M. Wood

B. 09 September 1849 D. 26 January 1926

Son of Enoch P. Wood and Susannah Morress

Mattie E. Wood

B. 30 December 1877 D. 06 September 1885

Daughter of James M. Wood and Ludelia Woosley

Infant Daughter of Lewis N. McCargo and Mary Peninah Wood

B. 20 March 1899 D. 22 March 1899

James Thomas McCargo

B. 03 May 1851 D. 07 December 1889

Half-Brother to Lewis McCargo, mentioned above

Son of James C. McCargo and Martha C. Blankenship

Never Married. (Notes from T.McC)

Dora Leneave

B. 25 November 1884 D. 10 April 1885

Daughter of Benjamin F. Leneave and Martha H. Wood

(Granddaughter to Enoch P. Wood)

Henrietta A. Bell

B. 03 August 1823 D. 01 January 1909


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