Family Bible of
James W. Underwood
Katherine Ann Meacham Underwood
Harriet Owings Underwood

James W. Underwood and Katherine Meacham married February 1, 1865
James W. Underwood and Harriet Owings  married  February 24, 1876

Henrietta A. Underwood and Thomas King  married September 5, 1886
Willie Belle Underwood and John W. White  married September 11, 1889
John T. Underwood and Ida King  married December 18, 1890
Dr. O.E. Wright and Carrie Jane Underwood  married January 8, 1902
Winfield M. Wood and Eva Adeline Underwood  married September 24, 1907
George W. Hill and Maude Susan Underwood  married September 24, 1907

James Willis Underwood   born  November 7, 1832
Katherine Meacham Underwood  born  November 3, 1841
Harriet Owings Underwood  born  June 4, 1839

Mary Elizabeth Underwood   born  January 7, 1866
Henrietta Ann Underwood   born  July 7, 1867
John Thompson Underwood  born  April 1, 1869
Willie Belle Underwood   born  September 11, 1871
Eva Adeline Underwood   born  February 24, 1878
Carrie Jane Underwood   born  September 2, 1879
Maude Susan Underwood   born  January 7, 1882

Katherine Ann Underwood Departed this life July 7, 1873
Mary Elizabeth Underwood  Departed this life November 4, 1876
James W. Underwood Departed this life March 9, 1912
Henrietta Ann Underwood King  Departed this life April 12, 1916
Willie Belle Underwood White  Departed this life July 18, 1949
John Thompson Underwood  Departed this life December 26, 1958
Eva Adeline Underwood Wood  Departed this life January 11, 1963
Maude Susan Underwood Hill  Departed this life August 29, 1970

Transciption send to us by Jackie Maine

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