Bible Records & Last Wishes
Eula Mae Rogers Roper

Contributed By Anne Weldon
(items in parentheses were added by myself)

Eula Mae Roper's Bible entries:

Eula Mae Rogers  b. 10-11-1910  (d. 4-9-1964 of TB)
Edwin Justin Roper b. 10-24-1907  (d. 1-11-1997 of congestive heart failure)
Were joined together in the bonds of Holy Matrimony  at Cadiz Methodist Parsonage on the 5th day of May in the year of our Lord 1933 in the presence of (Carrie Isabel) "Dimples" (Roper) and Herbert Williamson

Husband's Grandparents:
Father's family:
Grandfather:    Marcus Lindsey Roper      b.  3-26-1825  d. 1897
Grandmother:  Elizabeth Melissa Atkins   b.  1827

Mother's family:
Grandfather:    William Elisha Lacy          b.  5-17-1842   d.  9-9-1922
Grandmother:  Rebecca Baynham           b.  11-25-1850 d. 6-23-1931

Husband's parents:
Mother:         Annie Josie Lacy             b.  1-28-1881    d.  10-1-1931
                     Place of birth:    Lafayette, Ky
                     Place of Burial:  Powell Cemetery
Father:          Edgar Newton Roper       b.  12-16-1870  d.  5-12-1943
                     Place of birth:   Waverly, TN
                     Place of Burial:  Riverside cemetery

Wife's Grandparents:

Father's family:
Grandfather:    Franklin Hardin Rogers    b. 1-31-1858  d. 5-21-1925
Grandmother:  Nancy Elizabeth Rogers  b. 3-8-1866     d. 4-20-1936

Mother's family:
Grandfather:    Samual Fox Freeman      b. 3-1-1857     d. 1-5-1943
Grandmother:  Margaret Wright Aldridge Freeman  b.?  d.        1932

Wife's parents:
Mother:          Hettie Mae Freeman      b.  3-15-1892   d.  4-17-1918
                      Place of birth:  Trigg county
                      Burial:  Delmont Cemetery, Trigg county
Father:           Claude Franklin Rogers   b.  7-24-1889   (d. 1982)
                      Place of birth:  Roaring Springs, Ky
                     (Burial: Delmont Cemetery, Trigg county)

Children:  (Of Eula Mae and Edwin Justin Roper)

Bobby Edwin Roper, Sr.    b.  1-3-1936  (still living)
Place of birth:  West 7th, Hopkinsville, Ky
Married:  Sheila Oglesby     b.  10-21-1942   (d. 9-29-1997 of complications of Multiple Sclerosis)
Place of birth:  Madisonville, Ky
(Place of Burial:  Springfield Township cemetery, Mongo, LaGrange county, IN)
Date of Marriage:  9-29-1961

Bobby Edwin Roper, Jr.    b. 7-14-1964  (still living)
Anne Lacy Roper            b. 2-23-1966  (still living)

Handwritten *Will* or last wishes of Eula Mae Roper:

I want to be buried at Riverside Cemetery - Hopkinsville (Not near the River) with Fuqua Funeral home in charge.
I only want a passage of Scripture read with prayer by the Pastor of my Church, First Baptist.
I only want Red Roses for the Pall, and request the friends contribute to the Mental Health Association, and the Foundation for the study of Kidney Diseases.
Flowers and love contributed during my life time meant more to me than anything said or done after I am gone.
(signed) Eula Mae Roper

Hand written notes by Eula Mae Roper:

Without renewed strength and love from my Heavenly Father during all my years of illness, I wouldn't have had the courage to go on.

I always knew the Lord understood and was with me.  The hurts were great, but "Forgive them Father, they couldn't know".

Next to my Lord, the love for my dear family was uppermost.  How I have loved them.

Thanks Lord for those friends and family who loved me and gave of themselves for me.

Thanks for a husband like Justin.  (This would be Edwin Justin Roper)

Submitted By Anne Weldon
March 2003