murdered by his brother


Two brothers Ezekiel and Robert Merrick, of near Hopson, ingaged in a difficulty last Sunday afternoon that proved fatal to the former. From reports the difficulty arose over family troubles.
Robert Merrick rode up to his brother's home, who was sitting on the front porch. They begain talking and after
a few words Ezekiel went out to the gate or fence. Shortly after doing so Robert became enraged and got down
off his horse and begain beating and kicking his brother about the face and body. He bit one thumb off and after knocking him down kicked him several times causing internal injuries from which he died Wednesday at noon.
He was buried Thursday afternoon on the Merrick farm.

Robert Merrick who is charged with voluntary manslaughter, was brought here Tuesday afternoon and placed under a $2,000 bond, for his appearance at the October term of court. Urey Kevil, of this city went on his bond and he returned to his home near Hopson, just over the Caldwell county line in Trigg county. Deputy Sheriff Shoemaker, of Trigg county made the arrest and turned him over to Deputies Alex Hopper and Henry Towery,
of this county, who had gone out after him.