William Farmer
Revolutionary War Soldier


NC          William Farmer          # S35919

Ky. Roll          Private          Date of Death not on AB

Capt. Williams          1776          2 yrs

In the Army of the United States during the Revolutionary War


Inscribed on the Roll of Kentucky at the rate of Eight dollars per month to commence the 26th of August 1818

Certificate of Pension issued the 28th of Sept. 1818 and sent to Matthew Lyon, Esq. Eddyville, Ky.

Arrears to 4th of Sept. 1818                            3.12

Semi-anl. All'ce ending 4 March 1819      48.


                          8/31- 4/30                            51.12


Revolutionary Claim

Act 18 th March 1818

Caldwell County, Ky.

State of Kentucky Caldwell Co. towit

Be it remembered that in the record of proceedings of the Caldwell County Court among others are the following towit.

Be it remembered that at a county court begun and held for Caldwell County at the court house in the town of Princeton on Monday of gthe 24th day of August 1818. The following proceedings were had towit.

William Farmer an indigent soldier of the revolution an inhabitant of this state renouncing all pensions hereto accuring to him & applying to be heard respecting his claim to the benefit of the law of U. S. of the 18th of March 1818.

Testified and says that sometimes in the month of April 1776 he enlisted into the fifth Regiment of North Carolina Continental troops at Bertie County in said State under Capt. John P. Williams and joined said Regiment at Edenton in Chowans County from thence he marched to Wilmington & then to Pennsylvania that he was in the battle of Germantown from thence he went to Jersey, New York State & Connecticut & continued in the army for upwards of two years & ahalf when he was discharged.

Which discharge he has lost and that said William Farmer swears that he is in reduced circumstances and stands in need of the assistance of his country for support having lost the sight of one eye and being subject to other bodily disability which is ordered to be certified to the Secretary of War State of Kentucky Caldwell County Sct.

John H. Phelps clerk of the county court of said county do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true transcript of the records now in my office.

In testimony here of I have here unto set my hand & affixed the seal of said county this 25th day of August 1818

                                John H. Phelps

State of Kentucky Caldwell County towit

I John Bradley Senior Justice of said County

I certify that the foregoing certificate of John H. Phelps who is clerk of said county is in due ____? Of law.

Given under my hand & seal this 27th day of August 1818

John Bradley

State of N. Carolina Secretary's office 25th Sept. 1818

I William Hill Secretary of State in and for the state afore said do hereby certify that it appears from the muster roll of the troops who served in the North Carolina Continental line in the revolutionary war that Wm. Farmer a private in Capt Williams's Company enlisted on the 29th April 1776 for two and a half years in the 5th Regiment commanded by Col. Edward Buncombe and was discharged from said service on the 24th day of October 1778 given under my hand at office in Raleigh the date above.

Wm. Hill

July 11, 1958

Mrs. L. Prentice Bradley

837 West Main Street

Morganfield, Kentucky

Dear Madam,

Reference is made to your letter in which you request the record of William Farmer who served in the Revolutionary War from North Carolina, afterwards moved to Caldwell County, Kentucky, and from there to Webster County, that state.

The record follows of William Farmer as found in pension claim S. 35919, based upon his service in the Revolutionary War.

The date and place of birth or age and names of the parents of William Farmer were not given.

William Farmer enlisted April 29, 1776, in Bertie County, North Carolina, served as private in Captain John P. Williams' company, Col. Edward Buncombe's North Carolina regiment, was in the battle of Germantown and was discharged October 24, 1778.

The soldier was allowed pension on his application executed August 24, 1818, at which rime he was a resident of Caldwell County, Kentucky. It is not shown that he later lived in Webster County.

There is no family data shown in the claim.

In order to obtain date of last payment of pension, the name and address of the person paid and possibly the date of death of William Farmer, you should write to the Comptroller General, General Accounting Office, Records Division, this city, and cite the following data;

William Farmer, certificate # 2709 issued September 29, 1818 rate $8 per month, commenced August 24, 1818, Act 18th March, 1818 Kentucky Agency

                                                                  Very truly yours

                                                                        D. Heller

                                                      Executive Assistant to the Adminstrator

Notes on William Farmer

William enrolled as a private in the Revolutionary war on April 29, 1776 for 2 1/2 years in the 5th
North Carolina Regiment commanded by Colonial Edward Buncombe. He enrolled in Bertie County, North
Carolina and joined the regiment at Edinton in Chowan County. From there he marched to Wilmington and then
into Pennsylvania. He was in the battle of Germantown. From there he went to New Jersey, New York, and
Connecticut. He was discharged on October 24, 1778.

William received 100 acres of land from his father on August 11, 1783. James Farmer placed his mark as a witness to the deed [Bertie Co. Deeds Bk M p. 602]. File No. 119. Lardner Clark and William Wykoff assignees of William Farmer (military warrant No. 413) 1786.
Davidson County, Tennessee. Grant No. 1344 issued March 7, 1786. Book 63 p. 42. Location: North side of Cumberland river. Bounty Land warrant issued for William's military service.

On December 15, 1786, William and wife Martha sold the 100 acres of land, given to him by his father, to
Jonas Hale for 50 pounds currency [Bertie Co Deed Bk O p. 198].

William appears in the 1790, 1800, and 1810 Federal censuses of Bertie County, North Carolina.

About 1818, William moved from Bertie County, North Carolina to Caldwell County, Kentucky.

In 1818, from Caldwell County, William filed for a Revolutionary war pension.
He stated that he needed the support of his country having lost the sight of one eye and other disabilities.
He was issued pension certificate 2709 on September 28, 1818 at the rate of $8 per month to begin August 24, 1818.

Per Congressional act of May 1, 1820, William was dropped from the pension rolls.
The act of 1820 stated only individuals who showed need were eligible for a pension.

Act of 1826 restored all pension benefits to veterans regardless of need.
As William was not restored to the rolls at this time he probably deceased.

Father: Joseph Farmer b: BEF 1738
Mother: Sarah Morris b: in Bertie County, North Carolina

Marriage    Martha ________

Title: Census, 1800, Bertie County, North Carolina
Title: Census, 1810, Bertie County, North Carolina
Dropped from pension rolls 1820 due to stricter eligibilty rules.
Was not put back on rolls in 1826 when rules relaxed.