Photos of Unknown People

from the photo album of

Mary Edna Calvert Emerson
b. Feb. 28, 1895 d. May 10, 1979

These photos were in the family album of Mary Edna Calvert Emerson.
It now is in possession of her son John M. Emerson .
Family surnames are Emerson, Calvert, Tinsley, Cook, Cantrell, Fryer, Easley and others.
These photos may be members of the above families.

If you can identify any of the people in the pictures please let us know so names can be placed with the photos
email John M. Emerson, Sr.
Or Peggy D. Gilkey

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Unknown Lady # 1
Unknown Lady # 2
Unknown Lady # 3
Unknown Lady # 4
Unknown Lady # 5
Unknown Man
Unknown Couple
Unknown Couple
Two Unknown Ladies