Spencer Calvert DAR Marker Dedication

This photo shows the crowd through the flags.
Flags are L to R: The yellow Gadsden Rattlesnake "Don't Tread on Me" - Navy 1st. Ensign with rattlesnake "Don't Tread on Me" - SAR Flag - Battle of Guilford Courthouse Flag - DAR Flag - (in background) Bennington "76" Flag - Calvert Flag - 13-Star Betsy Ross Flag - 50-Star U. S. Flag.
Flags not shown in this photo are the Grand Union Flag and the Commonwealth of Kentucky State Flag. There were 11 Flags in all.
Peggy Gilkey is reading the Spencer Calvert Biography.
photo by John G. West:

L-R Carmen Richardville, Doris Thomas, Lynn Lacey Hurt,
Gen. John Caldwell Chapter, NSDAR members
photo by Frank Morse:

Carmen Richardville - Gen. John Caldwell Chapter, NSDAR - Registrar

L-R Joe and Jane VanHooser and Howard J."Tip" Downing, from Princeton, Ky.
Mr. Downing's wife Helen Wood Nichols was a descendant of Spencer Calvert.
photo by Frank Morse:

L-R - Bill Hobby with wife Barbara and son Mike Hobby
Bill & Mike are descendants of Spencer Calvert, from Princeton, Ky.
Mike volunteers his time and money to mow and clean the
Calvert-McNeely Cemetery (old Sugar Creek)
photo by Frank Morse:

Despite the cool cloudy day, there were many descendants and friends there to honor Spencer Calvert.

Pictured in tan pants and dark glasses is Stewart Mencer
a descendant who traveled from New Jersey to be at the ceremony

Gene Workman, in tan pants, also a Spencer Calvert descendant from Dawson Springs, Ky. In background is Brad Childress

Charles B. "Brad" Childress from Kuttawa, Ky.
a descendant of Spencer Calvert
photo by Teresa McGill:

Carrying the red blanket is Rosa Workman Bearden, Dawson Springs, Ky., next to her in the camouflage jacket is Stanley Calvert and wife Myra. Rosa and Stanley are Spencer Calvert descendants

The lady with the blue scarf is Lynn Lacey Hurt, Gen. John Caldwell Chapter, NSDAR and Arthur Lee McLaughlin, SAR from Madisonville, Ky.

Gail Rhea, KSDAR State Historian removes the
Calvert Coverlet to unveil the
Revolutionary War Marker placed for Spencer Calvert


Ohio Valley Chapter, Indiana Society SAR

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Sons of the American Revolution SAR

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