Ebenezer Morse Rev. War Patriot
Caldwell Co., Ky.

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From "Auditor General's Schedule, Accts. 1778-1780, page 141:
October 13, 1779, Ebenezer Moss for Gunsmiths Work for the Regt of Militia Commanded by Col. John Thomas as by his Certif. in Aug. 1779, 1500."
( I have a certified copy of the original record obtainable from the SC Dept. of Archives and History, Reference #S126112 IV.)


The SC Archives has one other listed by Larry Briggs that I do not have a copy of. That is for blacksmith work for militia, Account #1536-X, page 1. Consists of the stub to the original indent with which it was paid.

GROUP THREE: 1783-1789

On a trip 7/99 to the SC State Archives, I located the Rev. War record for Ebenezer, found on #RW2792 (ADO450) Reel 108, File #5374 (#AA5374): #Z237-75, and #_236-_

1783, 27 May: State of South Carolina, Upper Spartan Reg. Colonel Elijah Clark had of Ebenezer Morse
(in November, 1780) for the use of his Regiment on their march the following provisions:
75 bushels Indian corn, 37.10 Pounds; 1000 bundles of fodder, 6.5 Pounds; 2 fat sheep, 6.10 Pounds; 2 head
of fat hoggs, 32.0 Pounds; 240 ______ oats, 120.0 Pounds; 102# iron (can't understand their description,
addition and subtraction on this line). Total 227.15 Pounds due.
Personally appeared Ebenezer Morse before me oath that the above aud. is _____ for which he had rec'd no satisfaction.
            Sworn to before me the 27th May 1783. John Thomas.

(Note: Col. Elijah Clark was at the King’s Mt. Battle in Oct., 1780 after retreating from Augusta, Ga. It is interesting to note that Ebenezer help Clark’s troops after the King’s Mt. Battle. Also, the Battle of Musgrove’s Mill was extremely close to Eb’s land & British Lt. Col. Tarleton’s troops, estimated at 1100 to 1200 men, crossed the Tiger River there on the 14th of January 1781. What must our ancestors have thought when they saw these soldiers nearby?)

1787, 27 January: Charleston District, Daniel Smith, J.P. "Personally appeared before me Ebenezer Morse who maketh oath on the Holy Gospel ____ of Almighty and sayeth that he had receipts from the different officers for all the within specific articles, but had them all taken out of his house by a passel of thieves in the year 1780 or 1781.
          Ebenezer Morse, (X) his mark.

1787, 30 January: "Gentlemen, Please let ___ Francis Leay have whatever indents I have or may have in this office. Ebenezer Morse, his mark, No. 75087." Also signed by Daniel Smith, J.P. Both of Ebenezer's claims are referenced on this note by listing 97.17.2 pounds and 30.6 pounds.

1787, 5 April: 227.15 Pounds adjusted to 30 Pounds 6 Shillings Sterling approved to Ebenezer Morse for the above provisions. No vouchers.
(Is price adjusted to reflect 2 different money standards during the transitional period after the war?)

1787, 5 April: 1500 pounds, Depreciated by 685.0 = 97.17.2 (Again, is price adjusted to reflect 2 different money standards during the transitional period after the war?), to Ebenezer Moss for gunsmiths work for the Regiments of Militia Commanded by Col. John Thomas. A note at the bottom says, "No oaths of year or ______ when the within work was done, beside which, he has an account in Roebuck's Res. who succeeded Col. Thomas for Public Work and for the Supplies of Provision. In another handwriting, "It appears accquisite that the particulars should be specified. In another handwriting, "Interest to be showed . . ". Have examined his other account and find it does not _____ with this. Pass for 97.17.2 sterling.           __ Lightwood."

1787, 5 April: Indented certificate, South Carolina, allows Mr. Ebenezer Moss 30 Pounds 6 Shillings for provisions for Militia use _______. The said Ebenezer Moss, his Executors, Administrators, or Assigns, will be entitled to receive from this Office the Sum of Two pounds five shillings and ____ pence on demand for one Year's Interest on the principal Sum of Thirty pounds Six shillings . . . . . . and the said Ebenezer Moss . . . may make any purchases at any Public Sales of Confiscated Property . . . and this Indent shall be received in Payment.

1787, 13 April: "Received three years interest on the within indent. 2.2.4 + 2.2.4 + 2.2.4 total 6.7.0.            Francis Ley"

1787, 20 August: "Received one years interest.           Ebenezer Moss, (X) his mark."

1788, 2 June: "Received one years interest.            Edgar(?) Wells."

1789, 28 June: "Received one years interest, 2.2.4 pounds.            James Musbeth(?)"

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