Dandridge Easley
Civil War Veteran

Dandridge Easley
1835-June 1, 1899
Co.. K. 8th USCHA
(death date from military records
provided by Mr. John Emerson)

Dandridge Easley was born 1835 and died June 1, 1899 cause of death was Typhoid Fever
He Enlisted and was enrolled 25 day of June 1864 as a Private in Co. K. 8th USCHA.
He is discribed as age 30 years;   height 5 feet;  complexion dark;  hair dark;  eyes  dark.
He was discharged at Louisville, Ky. on or about the 7th day of March 1866 by reason of Close of War.
He states in his application for a pension that........
While out with a gang of men, (at Victoria, Texas) cutting and hewing ties for the Rail Road on San Antonia and Mexican Gulf Road, he was overcome by heat and sunstroke, never fit for service very much of time afterwards, could only do small jobs around camp when not exposed to sun.

Names also mentioned as serving with him were....
Henry Tinsley Pvt. Co., K. USCHA
John Glenn Pvt. Co. K. USCHA
Frank Morse Co. F. USCHA (*aged 63 yrs.)
Clabourn Tinsley

Swearing that Dandridge Easley to be respectable and to be given credit:
Jesse Cooper of Princeton, Ky.
George Tinsley (*aged 58) of Princeton, Ky.
Robert Emmerson of Crider, Ky.
Moses Hobb of Princeton, Ky.
Jessey Jessup of Fredonia, Ky.
Jessey Johnson of Fredonia, Ky.
*ages at time of giving testemony

On 4 Feb. 1895 Dandridge Easley received his pension of $6.00 a month from the goverment.

He married Helen Tinsley on or about Oct. 21, 1866 in Caldwell Co., Ky.

  • Dandridge Easley & Helen Tinsley Marriage Bond

    In testmony Helen Tinsley states all living children as listed:
    Frank Easley born Oct 1, 1868
    Bettie Easley born March 8, 1871
    Minnie Easley born Sept. 1, 1872
    Lisley Easley born June 4, 1883

    Also that she had been married before Dandridge Easley to John Tinsley.
    They were married prior to the war by slave custom.
    John Tinsley left during the war in the year of 1864. Helen states: "I never saw him after he left until the year of 1879 and then only once. He had been married and was then living with his family in Ohio."

    June 17, 1899 Helen Easley makes Declaration of Widow's Pension

    Sept. 20, 1918
    Widow's Certificate Number 488398
    Declares she is 76 years old, having been born Dec. 4, 1840 at Princeton, Ky.
    June 21, 1899 -- $8.00 a month commencing June 21, 1899
    Sept. 8, 1918 --- $20.00 a month
    Her death listed as Feb. 1929
    Helen Easley was receiving a widow's pension of $40.00 at month at her death Jan 4, 1929

    In a document signed by John H. Stevens -Sheriff and Collector of Taxes

    Year of 1898    Real Property  112   acres located in Caldwell Co., Ky. near Crider, Ky.
    assessed for taxation at the total value of $800.00 ---- Personal Property None.

    Year of 1899    Real Property as above described assessed for taxation at the total value of Seven Hundred Dollars
    Personal Property   --- Thirty-Three Dollars.


    Ky. Deaths list the following ....
    Helen Easley   87 Caldwell  Dth Date 1-21-1929  cert. # 00568

    Questions from John Emerson.........
    Caldwell Co., Ky. 1870 Federal census lists Rachel Easley.
    What happened to her, she is not listed in the 1880 Census as Easley?

    1880 Caldwell Co., Ky. census Robert is shown as stepson of Dan Easley?,br>
    1900 Caldwell Co., Ky. census
    Dan Easley died June 1, 1899br> Census lists Helen and Leslie in h/h 45/45 Robert H. Emerson & Eliza and 6 of their 8 kids h/h 121/122

    1910 Caldwell Co., Ky. census lists Helen Easley h/h 132/134 with granddaughter Lucill age 4 yrs and George Emerson grandson age 25 years

    John Emerson has names of the Easley children he has as follows:
    Rachel, Robert, Frank, Bettie, Minnie, Leslie, Harvey, and Hubbard.

    Is Dan Easley name Danbridge or Dandridge?

    Dan Easley's tombstone in the Pleasant Green Cemetery at 4200 Old Fredonia Rd. Crider, Ky.
    The picture shows the stone but when John was at the cemetery in 2009 they couldn't locate the stone.

    John would love to know how Dan & Helen went from slavery to owning a 112 acre farm??

    There are 92 pages in Dandridge Easley Civil War pension Records and Mr John Emerson has graciously donated them to the Glenn Martin Genealogy Research Library in Princeton, Ky. where they can be view in the next few months.


    John Robert Emerson Slave name Robert Tinsley, a run away slave in 1864 per Helen Tinsley, when she applied for Dandridge Easley's Pension.
    I sent letters to most of the places in Ont. Canada, that had run away slaves in them There were 22 towns or cities.
    The last letter told me to write to the Ohio Genealogy Society, with the above information, I did they sent me a page from the Massac County, Illinois 1870 and 1880, showing he was living in Massac County Illinois, across the Ohio River from from Paducah, Kentucky, and that he died April 16 1883, he had two other wives three children with each, all listed as mulatto.
    He came to Caldwell county the last time in 1879 said he was living in Ohio.
    John Emerson

    If you have questions or answers to some of John's questions please email him.
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