History & Rules
Blue Spring Church Cemetery
Caldwell Co., Ky.

by Harvey C. Micthell - Cemetery Overseer - 2006

The Blue Spring Cemetery was started in 1925. One acre of land was purchased for $100 from Dick P'Pool
The first person buried there was Prudence Hall Gray in 1926. The last row of graves in the Old Section is the
Porter M. King row. Rufus K. Mitchell was the first overseer from 1928-1952. Clint Mitchell was the second overseer from 1952-1978. 2.6 acres of land was purchased from Louise P'Pool in 1955.
Douglas Hall was elected Overseer of the New Section in 1955. Hooker Sanders was the 1st person to be buried in the New Section of the Cemetery.
Jerry G. Mitchell was Overseer of the Old Section from 1978-1983. Douglas Hall resigned and Jerry Mitchell moved away in 1989. The Church Trustees ran the Cemetery untill 1996. Harvey C. Mitchell was elected to oversee the Cemetery in 1996 and is serving at present.

Our Cemetery rules were adopted in 1987. The Trustees assist the Overseer if a problem arises.
Blue Spring Church has final authority over the Cemetery. A Cemetery account was established in 1995.
It is now at the Bank of Cadiz (, Trigg Co., Ky. The principal remains at the Bank. Intrest goes to the Church each year. We have an Ivy Gray Trust Fund that goes to care for her graves and the rest into the Church Treasury.

Graves are 3' x 12-1/2'. Rows are 12-1/2 x 96'. The Cemetery wasn't laid out accurately so measurements
are averaged. Trees were planted in 1932 and removed in 1998 due to age. The road was blacktopped in 1999.
There are 16 graves on each side of the road. Approximately 1,900 grave sites available. 383 people are buried in
the Cemetery, 221 men and 162 women. 1, 554 gravesites are reserved. There are approximately 350 left.
We average burying 5.5 people per year. At the present rate of burying, the Cemetery should last 270 years.

People need to use restraint in the manner of graves they reserve and turn back graves they inherit or don't need so others can use them.

Your Overseer,
Harvey C. Mitchell