Asher Cemetery History

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Friday 12 August 1932

Looking Backward

The annual gathering at Asher Graveyard for the purpose of cleaning off that
beautiful and peaceful little city of the Dead, was held as is the custom on the
last Saturday of July.

Rev. D. D. Dugan, pastor of the first Christian Church brought an appealing and
impressive message to those in attendance.
This was the third consecutive occasion that this beloved minister had been requested to be present at the gathering, which is something in the nature of a neighborhood "homecoming", including a verbal admonition to the quick and appropriate tribute to the dead.
The day was well spent in the labor of love, resulting in the beautifying of the cemetery in sermon and in song. The hospitality of the community is unbounded.

The Asher graveyard is one of the oldest in Caldwell county and is rich in historical tradition. The cemetery which was on farmland owned by the Montgomery family is located about two miles east of Fredonia. Tradition says that the burying ground derived its name from Alney Asher, probably one of the first to be interred within its confines.

The first grave was made about 130 years ago and is said to contain the remains of a little child who died while a guest at the old Asher Tavern where it was stopping with its father, enroute from point to destination now long forgotten.

The oldest grave is that of Martha Stevenson, who died March 30, 1811.

The trustees of the cemetery are Robert Asher, Charles Brown, Finis Harper, A. D. Asher, Lee Harper, and Will Brown

The cemetery is located near the site of the old Asher Tavern, at which many noted travlers were entertained.

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